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20Q: Incorporating Montessori into Speech-Language Pathology Practice
Presented by Jennifer Brush, MA, CCC-SLP, Julia Johnson, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #10171Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Montessori is based on the principles of free choice and purposeful activity and focuses on the well-being of the whole person, including physical, spiritual, social, mental, and emotional needs. This course describes how SLPs can utilize functional goals and language-based activities to incorporate key components of the Montessori philosophy into therapy with older adults.

Multilingualism and the Cycles Approach: Finding Shared Concepts to Optimize Intervention
Presented by Raul F. Prezas, PhD, CCC-SLP, PNAP
Course: #10181Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Utilizing a bilingual framework, this course explores the implementation of a Cycles Approach for highly unintelligible bilingual (Spanish-English) speakers as well as speakers of several other languages. Topics include critical components of a bilingual approach, treatment targets for Spanish-English and multilingual speakers, and strategies for working with multilingual families.

Does Your Child Struggle in School? The Critical Link Between Vision & Learning
Presented by Lynn F. Hellerstein, OD, FCOVD, FAAO
Course: #10154Level: Intermediate2 Hours
This course describes how vision impacts learning, as well as common signs and symptoms of visual problems. It discusses the basics of visual screening, and provides an overview of visual treatment options, including glasses, vision therapy, and classroom recommendations and strategies for the teacher or therapist.

Autism Outreach Podcast: Play and Social Skills For Young Autistic Students
Presented by Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA
Course: #10115Level: Introductory0.5 Hours
This podcast discusses a general framework to use when planning small group therapy that focuses on play and social skills. It describes assessment of social skills and specific social activities that can be modified for autistic learners.

Autism Outreach Podcast: Autism Assessment
Presented by Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA
Course: #10132Level: Introductory0.5 Hours
Assessments are necessary for understanding the skill set of the learner, setting goals, and making meaningful progress, but the assessment of autistic students can be challenging. This podcast describes strategies and specific tools for formal, informal and observational assessment of autistic students' communication skills.

Autism Outreach Podcast: 10 Strategies For Supporting Autistic Learners In Middle and High School
Presented by Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA
Course: #10133Level: Introductory0.5 Hours
This podcast discusses ways to support autistic individuals who are in middle and high school. It describes the importance of shared goals and provides actionable tips and strategies, including methods of data collection, for SLPs supporting this age group.

How Clinicians Can Support Neuroplasticity in Adults
Presented by Jacqueline Hinckley, PhD, CCC-SLP
Course: #10163Level: Intermediate1 Hour
The latest science shows that three of the most powerful ways to change the brain include social interaction, activity, and mental or cognitive challenges. This course provides updates on neuroplasticity across the lifespan, including information on mirror neurons, and offers concrete suggestions for clinicians who work with adults with neurologic communication disorders.

Autism Outreach Podcast: Getting Started With AAC
Presented by Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA, Anne Page, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #10161Level: Introductory0.5 Hours
Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) can be used for students with varying needs. This podcast discusses a wide variety of AAC applications, supporting users of AAC in schools, and pointers for getting started with AAC.

Autism Outreach Podcast: Autism In Girls
Presented by Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA, Robin Roscigno
Course: #10176Level: Introductory0.5 Hours
This podcast discusses the characteristics of autism in girls and how those differences may affect reliable diagnosis and treatment. Strategies for intervention and resources to help support female autistic learners are shared.

Autism Outreach Podcast: Working on Social Skills through Leisure for Middle and High School Aged Students
Presented by Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA
Course: #10160Level: Introductory0.5 Hours
Serving older learners can be a challenge due to a lack of information and research regarding functional intervention. This podcast discusses assessment tools for social and leisure skills, and provides practical strategies and activities to help older students strengthen their social language skills through leisure skills.

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