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Stuttering CEU Courses for SLPs

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Stuttering Intervention: Where to Start
Presented by Hayley Arnold, PhD, CCC-SLP
Course: #10605Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course provides speech-language pathologists with the basics needed to get started with stuttering intervention. The importance of acceptance of stuttering is discussed, and service recommendations, including treatment protocols and specific activities, are described for preschool-aged, school-aged, and adult clients.

20Q: Consensus Guidelines for the Assessment of Stuttering Across the Lifespan
Presented by Shelley B. Brundage, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, ASHA Fellow
Course: #10601Level: Intermediate1 Hour
The rationale and methodology for assessing six core areas in school-aged stuttering children are described in this course. These areas include stuttering-related background information; speech, language, and temperament; speech fluency and stuttering behavior; reactions of the speaker and of people in the environment to stuttering; and adverse impact of stuttering.

Stuttering: Applying SMART Holistically-Framed EBP-Supported Goals in Therapy
Presented by Dan Hudock, PhD, CCC-SLP, Steff Lebsack, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #10581Level: Intermediate1.5 Hours
The traditional framing of stuttering from an observer’s viewpoint is evolving to instead be viewed through the lens of a speaker’s lived experiences. Strategies for writing evidence-based practice (EBP)-supported goals in a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound (SMART) format, along with clinical scenarios demonstrating practical application to assessment and treatment, are presented in this course.

Lived Experience of Cluttering: How It Applies to Clinical Practice
Presented by Kathleen Scaler Scott, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F
Course: #10578Level: Intermediate1 Hour
New information is emerging about how cluttering may impact those living with it. Evidence about the importance of cluttering awareness and client perspectives for providing effective services, and treatment strategies such as interactive listening, as well as clinical application of these findings, are discussed in this course.

Motor Speech Components of Stuttering: Clinical Applications Across the Lifespan
Presented by Lisa R. LaSalle, PhD, CCC-SLP
Course: #10537Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Aspects of motor speech include timing, sensory-motor integration, and motoric divergence that are inherited. This course discusses the motor speech components of stuttering. Planning assessment and treatment with preschoolers, school-aged children, teens and adults based on motor speech components is also described.

Stuttering: The Impact of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
Presented by Kia Noelle Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP
Course: #10304Level: Intermediate1 Hour
The ways in which cultural and linguistic diversity impacts service delivery for stuttering in children are discussed in this course. A review of the research on this topic is provided, along with a discussion of how diversity affects the presentation of stuttering, and best practices for providing a culturally-responsive stuttering assessment for children.

Atypical Disfluency: What Is It and What Can I Do About It?
Presented by Kathleen Scaler Scott, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F
Course: #10096Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This course presents the most up-to-date evidence regarding the identification and management of atypical disfluency. It discusses types of atypical dysfluency as well as application of current findings to assessment and treatment, including treatment strategies.

Cluttering: An Overview of Diagnosis and Treatment Across the Lifespan
Presented by Kathleen Scaler Scott, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F
Course: #10048Level: Intermediate1.5 Hours
This course presents the most current findings regarding cluttering management. Findings related to client awareness, cluttering life impact, and differential diagnosis and treatment are applied to clinical practice across the lifespan.

Beyond Disfluencies: Collaborative Goal Setting with Individuals who Stutter
Presented by Hayley Arnold, PhD, CCC-SLP
Course: #9824Level: Introductory1.5 Hours
This course challenges participants to think beyond typical speech fluency goals in stuttering treatment and to engage clients in goal setting. It will discuss treatment goals and techniques that are aimed at improving quality of life by increasing clients' autonomy and participation in all aspects of life.

ApPARENTly This Is Not Going Well: Difficult Conversations with Parents
Presented by Marva Mount, MA, CCC-SLP
Course: #9726Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This course explores emotional intelligence (EQ) and how to "plug in" and use it in situations that go awry with parents of clients. Specific strategies for handling difficult situations and de-escalating arguments are discussed.

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