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The Stepping Stones Group - Opportunities - November 2023

Nancy McKinley Lecture Series CEU Courses for SLPs

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Phonological Intervention for Multilingual Children: Expanding the Cycles Approach
Presented by Raul F. Prezas, PhD, CCC-SLP, PNAP
Course: #10717Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Implementation of a Cycles pattern-oriented approach for multilingual children with highly unintelligible speech is described in this course. Topics include: speech-sound intervention practices for Spanish-English speakers and speakers of other languages, including recommendations for monolingual clinicians; target selection; and strategies for working with families.

Applying Clinical Strategy Definitions to Increase Professional Confidence and Best Practice
Presented by Courtney Seidel, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #10309Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Five specific approaches to support SLPs in selecting, defending, and applying evidence-based clinical strategies in their practices are described in this course. Specifically, how to utilize a discipline-specific glossary of terminology and differentiate the basic skill remediation approach from the learning strategies approach are addressed. How to elevate intentional use of prompting hierarchies and adjust this prompting via a continuum of support are also discussed.

Dual Language Learners: Converging Evidence to Determine Speech and Language Services Eligibility
Presented by Anny Castilla-Earls, PhD
Course: #9888Level: Advanced1 Hour
This course presents the Convergence Evidence Framework (CEF; Castilla-Earls et al., 2020) for the assessment of dual language learners. Assessment tools that are compatible with the CEF are also discussed, along with interpretation of testing results.

Evidence-Based Practice Decisions in Child Language Assessment
Presented by Katrina Fulcher-Rood, PhD, CCC-SLP
Course: #9413Level: Advanced1 Hour
This course will present research regarding the current assessment practices of school-based speech-language pathologists, as well as providing evidence-based recommendations for optimizing assessment. In addition, the complexities of child language diagnoses will be discussed.

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