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Research Watch Report, Issue 4
Presented by Meredith Poore Harold, PhD, CCC-SLP
Course: #8138 Level: Intermediate0.5 Hours
This collection of reviews highlights a month of clinically relevant research findings for pediatric and school-based SLPs. Topics include dialect, language disorder, and communicating with families from a strengths-based perspective.

Music, Speech Development & Autism
Presented by Kathleen Howland, PhD, CCC-SLP
Course: #8131 Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will look at the neurologic functioning of both speech and music in children with autism. The course will support the inclusion of music in speech-language treatment for children on the spectrum.

Get Schooled on Concussions: Return to Learn
Presented by Brenda Eagan Brown, MEd, CBIS
Live WebinarThu, Aug 24, 2017 at 12:00 pm EDT   Starts in 20h 21m
Course: #8134 Level: Introductory1 Hour
The return to learn process following a student concussion must be supported by school professionals who understand that returning to the full demands of school too soon following concussion can potentially significantly increase and prolong symptoms. This course will equip SLPs with a solid understanding of what concussions are, how symptoms manifest in the classroom, and what accommodations can be immediately implemented to promote student recovery.

Improving a Child's Participation in Oral Motor Therapy
Presented by Jennifer Dahms, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S
Course: #8063 Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will discuss the reasons that children referred for oral motor feeding therapy often have difficulties participating in their oral motor programming, and possible consequences of decreased participation. Techniques will be provided that can improve a child’s involvement in therapy and ultimately increase his/her progress.

Using Parent Report in the Assessment of Dual Language Learners
Presented by Kerry Danahy Ebert, PhD, CCC-SLP
Live WebinarTue, Aug 29, 2017 at 2:00 pm EDT
Course: #8128 Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This course will discuss the rationale for and implementation of parent-report instruments in the assessment of children who are learning a minority home language and English. A variety of tools appropriate for different ages will be presented, and considerations in eliciting accurate reports from diverse families will be discussed.

Evidence-Based Interventions for Dementia: An Overview of Spaced Retrieval & Montessori
Presented by Megan L. Malone, MA, CCC-SLP
Live WebinarThu, Aug 31, 2017 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #8132 Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will provide an overview of two evidence-based interventions for working with persons with dementia: Montessori-Based Dementia Programming and the Spaced Retrieval technique. Participants will learn about each intervention along with practical applications of each method to patients in different practice settings.

Evidence-Based Practices in Selecting & Using Standardized Tests: Considerations for Speech Testing
Presented by Stacey L. Pavelko, PhD, CCC-SLP
Course: #8104 Level: Introductory1 Hour
This is Part 5 of a five-part series. This course will discuss how considerations such as coverage (i.e., which sounds are tested in which positions of words), phonological processing, and dialect can impact standardized test selection. A brief case study will be used to illustrate the considerations discussed throughout the series. (Part 1: Course 8096, Part 2: Course 8097, Part 3: Course 8101, Part 4: Course 8102)

Typical Feeding Development: An Overview
Presented by Rhonda Mattingly, Ed.D, CCC-SLP
Live WebinarTue, Sep 5, 2017 at 2:00 pm EDT
Course: #8145 Level: Introductory1 Hour
This is Part 1 of a five-part pediatric feeding series. This course provides an introduction to multiple factors associated with feeding development and includes a review of typical milestones. A summary of conditions that can disrupt the normal process is introduced.

Vanderbilt SLP Journal Club: Functional Imaging of Neuroplasticity in Aphasia
Presented by Stephen Wilson, PhD
Course: #8107 Level: Advanced1 Hour
This course will review our current understanding of how the brain networks that underlie language processing may be functionally reorganized in aphasia. The discussion will be centered around four recent research publications.

Supervision and Critical Thinking: From Novice to Expert
Presented by Shelley Victor, Ed.D, CCC-SLP
Live WebinarThu, Sep 7, 2017 at 12:00 pm EDT
Course: #8147 Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will provide the learner with information about the elements of critical thinking and examples of critical thinking questions as they relate to supervision. Positive outcomes of critical thinking and self-reflection when working with supervisees, mentees and even patients will be addressed.