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International Stuttering Awareness is really everyday... We just celebrate it on October 22nd

October 6, 2003

While the spoken word is taken for granted by most, the use of spoken language is challenging...   Read More

Establishing An Effective Dysphagia Program in a Long Term Care Facility

Kathy Thayer, MA

September 15, 2003

In the past 20 years, the profession of speech-language pathology has grown to include the treatment...   Read More

ADHD and Kids: What is going on?

Max S. Chartrand, PhD

September 8, 2003

Editor's note: Although we don't usually publish ''op-ed'' material, this...   Read More

Twins and Language Development: An Overview

Jennifer Ganger, PhD

September 1, 2003

Introduction:There is a pervasive assumption in the twin and language development literatures...   Read More


National Outcomes Measurement System (NOMS): 2003

Robert Mullen

August 25, 2003

Since 1998, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have had a tool to help them document the real-life...   Read More

Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology Degree at Nova Southeastern University

August 11, 2003

Historical Perspective:Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is an independent, nonsectarian, nonprofit...   Read More

Patient Perspectives: Stuttering Management

July 14, 2003

Patient Perspectives: Stuttering ManagementDDTampa, FloridaSP/Beck: Good Morning. Thanks...   Read More

A Cognitive/Affective Approach to Stuttering Treatment

Janet Skotko, M.Ed

July 7, 2003

A Cognitive/Affective Approach to Stuttering TreatmentJanet Y. Skotko, M.Ed. CCCSpeech/Language...   Read More

Patient Profile: Fluency & Stuttering Management

June 30, 2003

SP/Beck: Good Morning MC. Thanks for agreeing to share your story today.MC: Thanks for the opportunity...   Read More

The Golden Rule as a Clinical Practice Guide*

Judith F. Duchan, PhD

June 23, 2003

Everywhere you look, now and throughout history, you will find people evoking The Golden Rule as a guide...   Read More

What are Voice Disorders and Who Gets Them??

James A. Koufman, MD

June 9, 2003

A voice disorder may prevent a professional singer from performing or a business person from effectively...   Read More

John Tracy Clinic: 60 Years Later

June 2, 2003

John Tracy Clinic (JTC) has facilities in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. The Clinic is a pioneering...   Read More

Rehabilitation for Enhanced Life Participation: A Living Well Program

Heather Hancock, MS, CCC-SLP

May 26, 2003

Rehab@WeissA Program of Schwab at Weiss Memorial HospitalAn Affiliate of the University of Chicago...   Read More

Fitting Techniques for the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Patient

Aimee Gross

May 12, 2003

IntroductionA cochlear implant is a prosthetic device designed to provide hearing to patients with...   Read More

Assistive Technologies; Awareness and Opportunity

Robin Springer

May 5, 2003

In Russia, children with disabilities can be denied an education. In America, we have IDEA. In Brazil,...   Read More

Situation-Specific Therapy Addressing Functional Reading: A Case Study

Angela Burda, Carlin Hageman, Jennifer A. Honn*

March 17, 2003

*Currently Affiliated with Mercy Medical Center-North IowaAddress correspondence to:Angela...   Read More

Sound Field Amplification and the Teaching Voice

Kris English, PhD, Sandy Kasper, MA, Zachery Grunberg, BS

March 10, 2003

Introduction:Due to the energy and strain involved in providing oral instruction and education,...   Read More

Are You Prepared for HIPAA Compliance?

Paul Popp, PhD, BC-HIS, MCAP, Beth Lane, ACA, CHP

February 24, 2003

Introduction:Even though we would like to think it is not the case, there may still be some...   Read More

The Conceptual Framework of ASHA's New Scope of Practice for Speech-language Pathology

Travis T. Threats, PhD

January 7, 2003

In 2001, ASHA decided to use the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (WHO, 2001) as the framework for the profession in its Scope of Pra...   Read More

Doing More With Less for People With Aphasia: Creative Responses to Healthcare Change

Candace P. Vickers, PhD, CCC-SLP

January 7, 2003

Speech language pathologists providing therapy services to persons with aphasia in medical settings...   Read More

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