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Articles for SLP CEUs

Patterns of Acoustic Errors in the Imitation of Speech

Gautam K. Vallabha, Betty Tuller

May 5, 2004

AbstractChildren with disordered vowel phonologies exhibit systematic substitution patterns,...   Read More

Auditory Processing Disorders: Considerations for the Speech-Language Pathologist

Dorothy A. Kelly, CCC-SLP

May 3, 2004

IntroductionAccording to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), central auditory...   Read More

Professional Identity: Then and Now

Judith F. Duchan, PhD

April 26, 2004

IntroductionIdentity is a slippery concept. It is usually applied to the person. Someone's...   Read More

Improving Reading Fluency: Phonological Awareness Training

Karen McGehee, MS, CCC-SLP

April 19, 2004

IntroductionRecently, reading and written language skills have consistently fallen within the domain...   Read More

Cochlear Implants: Optimizing Patient Benefit through Team Management and Family-Based Aural Rehabilitation

Linda Daniel, MA, CCC-A

April 12, 2004

IntroductionThe professional staff of Dallas Otolaryngology Associates and HEAR In Dallas joined...   Read More

Children with Cochlear Implants: Where Does Sign Language Fit In?

Debra Nussbaum, MA, CCC-A, Susanne Scott, MS, CCC-A

March 29, 2004

Cochlear Implant Education CenterLaurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center,Gallaudet UniversityWashington,...   Read More


Writing: The Ultimate Hurdle

Penelope E. Webster, PhD, CCC-SLP

March 8, 2004

Introduction:Children with language-based learning disabilities are capable of achieving solid...   Read More

Using the Ling 6-Sound Test Everyday

Donna Smiley, PhD, CCC-A

March 3, 2004

Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Central ArkansasPatti F. Martin, M.S., CCC-ADirector...   Read More

The Effects of Phonological Awareness and Reading Intervention with Moderate-Severe Language Impairment

Sandi Laing, PhD, CCC-SLP

February 23, 2004

Abstract:Research has shown phonological awareness training is effective in improving phonological...   Read More


Social Communication Deficits in Asperger's Syndrome: A Case Study

Celeste Domsch, PhD

February 16, 2004

Introduction: Roger was an 8 year-old boy, diagnosed with Asperger's...   Read More

Raising the Standard: New Approaches for Language Assessment

J.G. de Villiers, P.A. de Villiers, B.Z. Pearson, T. Roeper, H.N. Seymour

February 9, 2004

The Diagnostic Evaluation of Language Variation (DELV) Screening Test and the DELV-Criterion...   Read More

Temporal Processing Deficits in Children with Dyslexia

Deborah Moncrieff, PhD

February 2, 2004

The primary goal of pediatric habilitation among audiologists and speech language pathologists...   Read More


Correlation Between Family Size and Pragmatic Skills of Preschool Children

Robin Zeller, PhD, Rochel Danzger, MS, Rachel Friedler, MS, Sarah Hamer, MS, Cynthia Gross, MS, Shoshana Hirsch, MS, Jennifer Portowicz, MS, Carol Binik, MS

January 19, 2004

Research has shown that social competence plays a substantial role in the social, psychological, and educational...   Read More

In One Ear and Out the Other - What Patients Remember

Robert H. Margolis

January 5, 2004

Editor's Note: Although this article was originally written for www.audiologyonline.com and clearly...   Read More

Use of a Learner Outcome Format in Clinical Extern Placements: Developing a System to Increase Supervision Efficiency

Kay McNeal, MS, CCC-SLP

December 22, 2003

Abstract: This paper describes the initial phases of a project undertaken by the student supervisory...   Read More

Corporate Speech Pathology: New Beginnings

Janet Y. Skotko, M.Ed, CCC-SLP

December 15, 2003

Corporate Affiliation: The Voice InstituteThe ASHA Convention in 2002 was unique. For the first...   Read More

SLPs Collaborating on Literacy Disability Diagnoses: A Team Model

Penelope E. Webster, PhD, CCC-SLP

December 8, 2003

Although we recently published this paper in two installments, we received a number of messages from...   Read More

Recent Trends in Literal vs. Figurative Language Research: The Case of Irony

Rachel Giora

December 1, 2003

WHAT'S IRONY?In this paper I address the issue of difference or similarity in processing literal...   Read More

The Dynamics of Learning to Hear New Speech Sounds

Pamela Case, MA, CCC-SLP, Betty Tuller, J.A.S. Kelso

November 17, 2003

AbstractWhen adults attempt to learn new speech sounds, they do so in the context of the phonology...   Read More

SLPs Collaborating on Literacy Disability Diagnoses: A Team Model

Penelope E. Webster, PhD, CCC-SLP

November 9, 2003

Part TWO of TWO:(Click here to review Part ONE of TWO)Constitution of the Collaborative Diagnostic...   Read More

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