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Articles for SLP CEUs

The Role of the Right Hemisphere in Speech Production

Scott Rubin, Amy Ogburn Yeager, Ph.D,CCC, Nancye C. Roussel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, Amy Yeager, J. Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F

July 3, 2006

IntroductionFor decades, researchers have attempted to answer whether or not language "shifts"...   Read More

Variables That Affect Bilingual Spanish/English and English-Speaking Children's Word Recognition Skills

Sandra Levey, Speech-Language Pathologist/Linguist, Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

June 19, 2006

Email: sandra.levey@lehman.cuny.eduPlease Note: This article was originally published in March...   Read More


Word Retrieval Treatments with Aphasia

Holley Freyaldenhoven, Kim McCullough, Nancye C. Roussel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Kim McCullough, Holley Freyaldenhoven

June 5, 2006

Abstract:This single-subject study examined the effects of semantic and phonological cueing...   Read More

How to Plan Phonemic Awareness Therapy

Dee M. Lance, Ph.D., Lea Helen Evans

May 8, 2006

Introduction:The value of phonemic awareness activities such as teaching sound identification,...   Read More

Why Become a Speech Language Pathologist

Pamela Case, MA, CCC-SLP

May 1, 2006

It is hard to believe that I have spent the last 26 years working as a speech-language pathologist...   Read More

Treatment of Hypernasality in Children with Down Syndrome

Bridget Russell, Department of Speech Pathology

May 1, 2006

Abstract:Adenoidectomy has been reported to be a causal factor of velopharyngeal insufficiency...   Read More


Successful Interviews Begin with Preparation

Human Resources Coordinator, Amanda Shirk

May 1, 2006

As a speech pathologist, your education and talent will open the door to many incredible job prospects....   Read More

A Preview of Milestones: Normal Speech and Language Across the Lifespan, San Diego: Plural Publishing 2006

John W. Oller, Ph.D, Nancye C. Roussel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Linda Badon, John Oller, Stephen Oller

March 13, 2006

John W. Oller, Jr., Ph.D.University of Louisiana at LafayetteStephen D. Oller, Ph.D.Texas...   Read More

Ethical Decision Making in Speech-Language Pathology: Faculty and Student Perceptions

Kerri Phillips, Department of Speech

January 30, 2006

Abstract:The purpose of this study was to investigate the perception of speech-language pathology...   Read More

The Reading Readiness Skills of Typically Developing and Language Disordered Preschool Latino(a) Children

Maria Diana Gonzales, PhD, Ph.D., Ram Shanmugam, PhD

January 23, 2006

Abstract:This study's purpose was to investigate the emergent literacy skills of four-year-old...   Read More

African American English and Reading: Perspectives and Solutions

Shelley L. Velleman, Wendy Kohn

January 9, 2006

Introduction:Significant gaps in academic achievement persist between black and white children...   Read More


Ethical Decision Making in Speech-Language Pathology: Faculty and Student Perceptions

Kerri Phillips, SLP.D, CCC-SLP

December 26, 2005

Abstract:The purpose of this study was to investigate the perception of speech-language pathology...   Read More

Swallowing and Respiration: Shared Neural Substrates

Karen M. Wheeler, MA, CCC-SLP, Christine M. Sapienza, PhD, CCC-SLP

December 5, 2005

Karen M. Wheeler, M.A., CCC-SLPChristine M. Sapienza, Ph.D., CCC-SLPDepartment of Communication...   Read More

Insurance Reimbursement in Stuttering: Notes for the consumer

Craig Coleman, MA, CCC-SLP

November 21, 2005

Introduction:Obtaining insurance coverage for the evaluation and treatment of stuttering can be difficult....   Read More


Lexical and Environmental Processing and Recovery Patterns in Posterior Aphasia

Amy O. Yeager, PhD, CCC-SLP, Scott S. Rubin, PhD

November 7, 2005

Amy Ogburn Yeager, Ph.D., CCC-SLPAuburn University MontgomeryCommunication and Dramatic ArtsPost...   Read More

The Role of Vowels in the Discrimination Abilities of Bilingual Adults and Children

Sandra Levey, PhD

October 17, 2005

AbstractThe discrimination of English vowel contrasts in real and novel words by 101 bilingual...   Read More


Business, Ethics & the SLP

Janet E. Brown, MA, CCC-SLP, Peter R. Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP

October 10, 2005

Introduction:In general, business expertise and professional expertise are considered separate...   Read More

Thoughts on Learning and Evidence Based Practices

Jess Dancer, EdD

September 19, 2005

"Knowledge is power"Sir Francis Bacon"Skill to do comes of doing"Ralph...   Read More

Cochlear Implants Considerations in Programming for the Pediatric Population

Jennifer Mertes, AuD, CCC-A, Jill Chinnici, MA, CCC-A

September 12, 2005

Introduction:Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices that provide electrical stimulation...   Read More

Acoustic Characteristics of Vocal Tremor in Adductor Laryngeal Dystonia

George L. Charpied, MS, Gregory A. Grillone, MD

August 29, 2005

Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery,Boston University School of MedicineBoston,...   Read More


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