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Articles for SLP CEUs

On Mirror Neurons and Aphasia Rehabilitation

Richard Steele

February 16, 2009

Aphasiologists, neurologists, and others interested in the improvement of post-stroke neurorehabilitation...   Read More

An Update on Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders: More Than Tongue Thrust

Robert Mason

February 2, 2009

When you think of orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs), the term tongue thrust comes to mind....   Read More

Influence of Listener and Speaker Language on the Transcription of Utterances

Sarah Sproull, Angela Burda, Suzanne Ciechanowski, Sarah Sproull, Alison Corbett, Stephanie Jones, Cedar Falls

January 19, 2009

IntroductionThe purpose of this study was to determine the effects of the listeners and speakers...   Read More


On Aphasia Pharmacotherapy

Richard Steele

January 5, 2009

The role of pharmacotherapy in aphasia treatment has been investigated by scientists for over six decades....   Read More

Practical Referral Source Management

Robert Glaser, Speech Associates of Dayton

December 15, 2008

IntroductionA 2007 survey by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) of speech-language...   Read More

What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You: A Survey of High School Football Players' Knowledge about Sports-Related Concussion

Nancy Manasse-Cohick, PhD, Jerry Bornstein

December 1, 2008

AbstractObjective: To understand what high school (HS) football players know about concussion,...   Read More

A Comparison of Articulatory Assessment: The Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale-3 & the Clinical Assessment of Articulation and Phonology

Amy Ogburn, Thomas Borton, Cynthia H. Presley, Georgia W. Holmes, Cynthia Presley

November 10, 2008

AbstractThe purpose of a traditional articulation test is to assess phonological and articulatory...   Read More

Speech Development for Children with Hearing Loss

Frederick Berg

October 27, 2008

Speech is a highly desirable asset. It is our main vehicle for expressing our thoughts and feelings...   Read More


Caregiver Strain/Caregiver Burden: Implications for Caregivers of Individuals with Aphasia

Meredith Allen, Graduate Student, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Health Professions

October 13, 2008

IntroductionSignificant literature exists regarding caregiver strain and caregiver burden among...   Read More

Building the Link Among Hearing, Understanding, & Learning

Milene Rogiers

September 29, 2008

Note: This article will be peer-reviewed for ASHA CEUs. If you are interested in receiving ASHA CEUs,...   Read More


Mental Engagement of Young Children During Story Time: The Effect of Detachable Images

Donna Raschke, Ph.D., Frank Kohler, Clifford Highnam

September 15, 2008

Clifford Highnam, Ph.D., Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Northern...   Read More

Hearing and Listening Are an Underlying Foundation for Learning

Gail Whitelaw, Department of Speech, Linda Daniel, MA, CCC-A

August 25, 2008

IntroductionHearing and listening are the underlying foundation for learning. Anything that...   Read More


Stages and Components of Presymbolic and Symbolic Play

Maggie Watson

August 11, 2008

IntroductionPlay is an integral aspect in the life of children, and provides the basis for much...   Read More

Language Impairments & Social-Emotional Communicative Competence

Carol Westby

July 28, 2008

IntroductionRecent years have witnessed an increased interest in the interrelationships between...   Read More


Advancing Emotional Intelligence in Older Students with Language Disorders

Vicki Larson

July 14, 2008

IntroductionDrawing from the work of Goleman (1995, 1998, 2006), it is evident that the concept...   Read More


Music Therapy and the Emergence of Spoken Language in Children with Autism

Christine Barton

June 9, 2008

'My child knew music before he knew words.'Kim, mother of an 8 year-old boy with autism...   Read More


Development of Phonological Awareness Skill

Linda Schreiber

May 19, 2008


General Recommendations and Specific Activities for Developing Phonological Awareness in Older Students

Cecile Cyrul Spector

May 5, 2008

Phonological awareness skills are essential for both language and reading development (e.g., Gillon,...   Read More


Reading Fluency: Building a Bridge to Comprehension

Shari Robertson

April 21, 2008

In 2000, the National Reading Panel published the results of a comprehensive analysis of the research...   Read More


Empowering Teachers of Children from Low-Income Homes

Sandra Combs, Lesley Raisor, Nancy Creaghead, Sandra L. Schneider, PhD, CCC-SLP

April 7, 2008

IntroductionBecause of our knowledge about spoken language and language disorders, speech-language...   Read More


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