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Dysphagia Success

Kathy Thayer, M.A.

September 8, 2003

Please discuss/review how to measure ''success'' with dysphagia patients post-treatment.   Read More

Specific Language Impairment

John Oller Jr, Ph.D

September 1, 2003

What is Specific Language Impairment? What is the appropriate treatment?   Read More

Turner Syndrome and AAC

Robert Shprintzen, Ph.D

August 25, 2003

I see a student with Turner's Syndrome. She has a AAC device becuase her speech is not functional. Breath support is compromised. Is this a common issue related to Turner's syndrome and if so, what is...   Read More

Provision of Language Based Intervention in Middle School Classrooms

Kathryn DeKemel, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

August 18, 2003

I am trying to implement language based practices into inclusionary middle school classrooms. Can you suggest any resources that might help me? I find that many techniques do not fit well in heterogen...   Read More

Dysphagia Etiology

Kathy Thayer, M.A.

August 11, 2003

Please discuss/review the most common etiologies of swallowing disorders in adults.   Read More


Stephanie Tarrant Martin And Speech/Language Pathologist), Ph.D

August 4, 2003

I have a 4 year old child on my caseload. The only phoneme in his language system is /d/ and some vowel sounds. He is totally unintelligible. He can produce other age-appropriate phonemes in isolation...   Read More

SLPs Relationship to Autism

Karen Thomas /, M.S.,CCC-SLP

July 28, 2003

Please address autism, with particular emphasis on the SLPs relationship to autism, and related issues.   Read More

Swallowing Spasms

Kathy Thayer, MA

July 21, 2003

An elderly friend frequently has spasms of the esophagus (she thinks) while swallowing (trapping food and making it difficult for her to eat much at one time). She does not know what triggers the spas...   Read More

Transdisciplinary Therapeutic Approach

Teri Gray, M.S.,CCC-SLP

July 14, 2003

Please define ''transdisciplinary therapeutic approaches'' as it related to the geriatric population, please cite an example or two, and please tell me how the SLP fits into this equation?   Read More

Ethics of SLP's being required to obtain vital health measurements with patients

Janet Brown, M.A.,CCC-SLP

July 7, 2003

Is it ethical for home health agencies to train and require SLPs to obtain vital signs during evaluation visits (ex. blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, height, weight, head circumference)?   Read More

Basics of the Peanut Butter Protocol

Nancy Creaghead, Ph.D

June 30, 2003

What is the Peanut Butter Protocol?   Read More

Productivity Stats

Kyle Dennis, Ph.D

June 16, 2003

How do you determine an audiologist's productivity? Should you use time based units and how much time should be assigned to each task?   Read More

Swallowing evaluation with infant with a cleft palate

Joan Arvedson, Ph.D

June 9, 2003

What protocol is indicated for evaluating an 8-week-old infant with cleft palate for feeding?   Read More

APD and Dyslexia

Deborah Moncrieff, Ph.D

June 2, 2003

My son was just recently tested for APD. He will be 7 in May so his age for the test was 6.5. My question does a child with APD also have Dyslexia? He has had a history of cronic ear infection since h...   Read More


Treatment for Epiglottic Dysmotility

Susan Langmore, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

May 26, 2003

Are there any successful dysphagia treatments to address epiglottic dysmotility?   Read More


Lisa Scott Trautman, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

May 19, 2003

I have an 8th grade student who has been diagnosed with cluttering and stuttering.   Read More

Swallowing Problems with Anterior Cervical Spinal Fusion

Bonnie Martin-Harris, Ph.D

May 12, 2003

What are typical problems and therapy related to anterior cervical fusion and dysphagia?   Read More

Treatment for Child who Exhibits Severe Blocking

Robert Quesal, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

April 28, 2003

I'm a rural school based therapist and have learned a kindergarten aged ''severe blocker'' is transferring here soon. It's been many years since I've done fluency and have had only children with repet...   Read More

Difficulty with /r/ and Techniques for Dealing with this Phoneme

Julie Hoffmann, M.A.,CCC-SLP

April 21, 2003

I have several children on my caseload who continue to have difficulty with /r/ despite years of speech therapy. What are some techniques for dealing with this phoneme?   Read More

Need for phonological awareness training to treat expressive phonological impairments

Barbara Hodson, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

April 14, 2003

Is phonological awareness the sole intervention to master at the base of phonological disorders?   Read More


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