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Switch Skills for Children with Multiple Disabilities

Dr. Donald Fuller
Speech-Language Pathologist

March 22, 2004

Where can I find a skill assessment for teaching switch skills to children with multiple disabilities? Or, how should I teach multiple switch skills to these children?   Read More

Oral Apraxia and Reading Fluency

Karen Fallon, Ph.D

March 15, 2004

I have a nine year old who was diagnosed and treated for severe oral apraxia from 24 months through age 5 years. He has demonstrated no speech difficulties since that time, passing speech therapy asse...   Read More

Breath Support Problems

Bridget Russell

March 8, 2004

How do you recommend ruling out breath support problems as a causal factor in a child who cannot sustain voice? The child who is the source of this question also has Kleinfelter's Syndrome with cognit...   Read More

Communication Deficits with Autism

Dr. Shari Robertson

March 3, 2004

What communication deficits are specific to Autism?   Read More

Thumbsucking and Speech Difficulties

Kathleen Fahey, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

February 23, 2004

What effects do use of a pacifier and thumbsucking have on speech difficulties?   Read More

Augmentative Communication with Cerebral Palsy

Margaret Fish, MS, CCC-SLP

February 16, 2004

I have a 17-year old student with Cerebral Palsy on my caseload who has received articulation therapy for 15 years. His speech is 50% intelligible in conversational speech. He has difficulties produci...   Read More

Therapy Approaches for Spastic Dysarthria

Dr. Patrick Coppens

February 2, 2004

For a patient with spastic dysarthria, which would be the best therapy approach, the traditional or motor-oral approach?   Read More

Assessing Autistic Children

Suzanne Hungerford, Ph.D

January 26, 2004

I need to assess a high functioning autistic student in the 1st grade. He is mainstreamed all day and needs little special ed. support. Any suggestions on assessment?   Read More

Video Stroboscopy Methods

Janet Skotko M.Ed, CCC-SLP

January 19, 2004

Please describe the voice recording and analysis and video stroboscopy methods for diagnosing voice disorders.   Read More

The 10 Most Important Functional Words

Dr. Judy Montgomery

January 12, 2004

What do you consider to be the most important 10 or 12 functional words for an English speaking preschool child?   Read More

Multicultural Issues

Dr. Richard Adler Slp, CCC

January 5, 2004

What issues need to be considered when integrating an intervention program for persons from different cultures?   Read More

Assessment of DAS

Janet Skotko M.Ed, CCC-SLP

December 22, 2003

I have a second grade student who I believe has Developmental Apraxia of Speech. I would like to know what assessments are recomended for assessing DAS? I have used the Kauffman in the past but the re...   Read More

Starting a Private Practice

Margaret Fish, MS, CCC-SLP

December 15, 2003

Where can I find info. about beginning a private practice?   Read More

Treating Apraxia in Non-Verbal Children

Franklin Silverman, Ph.D

December 8, 2003

I am currently working with a 6 year old child diagnosed with apraxia. He is essentially non-verbal at this time. I am desperately looking for treatment information. I have looked at many websites and...   Read More

Word Finding Skills

Kathryn Schopfer, MS

December 1, 2003

Are there any documented methods to improve word-finding skills? Is there a way to measure progress with word-finding skills short of standardized assessment?   Read More


Hearing Conservation for Neonates

Roanne Karzon, Ph.D

November 17, 2003

A nurse at a local hospital has called our office seeking information about hearing conservation guidelines for neonatal babies being air transported. They use small sound meters in the incubators tha...   Read More

Cochlear Implantation and AV Therapy

Patricia Trautwein, AuD

November 10, 2003

Please tell me about Auditory-Verbal (AV) Therapy for children and adult cochlear implant recipients? How is this similar to, or different from, traditional speech therapy?   Read More

When Stutterers are Fluent

Eileen Savelkoul, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

November 3, 2003

What are the theoretical factors that determine when stutterers are more fluent and less fluent? Has anyone ever measured brain activity, such as EEG, during times of dysfluency to see if the brain ac...   Read More

Pragmatics and School Social Skills

October 27, 2003

I have a very good 7th grade student who is in speech for poor pragmatic skills but does well with all our body language and stay on topic activities to meet his goals but his personality just gives o...   Read More


Speech Language Therapy Needs for Cochlear Implant Recipients

October 20, 2003

I have questions about the ''quantity'' of speech and language therapy needed for a four year old who has had a cochlear implant for two years.   Read More


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