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Reimbursement for Apraxia Services

Clifford Highnam, Ph.D

January 24, 2005

Is there any new information on how to get insurance companies to pay for speech therapy for apraxia? My 3 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with it, and needs extensive therapy. We are current...   Read More

Alleviating Prolongations

Charlie Osborne, M.A.

January 10, 2005

I am currently working with a child who is in the third grade. She exhibits moderate to severe prolongations, which affect her social interaction. Are there any suggestions regarding specific therapy...   Read More

Continuing Education in Dysphagia

Jennifer Brush ., M.A.,CCC

January 3, 2005

I have been employed in the public school system as a speech-language pathologist for the past 6 years. I am now ready for a change and am interested in working with the geriatric population and learn...   Read More

Mild Dysfluencies

Janet Skotko M.Ed

December 20, 2004

I have a patient (age 6) who exhibits very mild dysfluencies, though it appears as if it could develop into something more severe if intervention is not provided. Most therapeutic protocols do not see...   Read More

Therapy Strategies for Echolalia

Nancy Creaghead, Ph.D

December 13, 2004

What are the best resources for therapy strategies for children (3 yrs.) who appear to have echolalia. What are the best therapy techniques for the parents to do at home?   Read More

Degrees of Auditory Dys-Synchrony

Yvonne Sininger, Ph.D

December 6, 2004

Are there degrees of Auditory Dys-Synchrony? Can children have such a slight degree of Auditory Dys-Synchrony that they can speak clearly?   Read More

Auditory v. Language Processing Disorder

Kathy Fahey, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

November 29, 2004

What is the difference between an auditory processing disorder and a language processing disorder?   Read More

Verbal Dyspraxia and Stuttering

Michelle Harmon, Ph.D

November 22, 2004

I have a student that presents with a multitude of problems, one of which is verbal dyspraxia. His speech is remarkable for dysfluency (for example, d-d-d-d dog and fffffffffire). Is this another symp...   Read More


Early Intervention for Apraxia

Shelley Velleman, Ph.D

November 15, 2004

Beginning in January, 2004, my nine-year old son was evaluated by the school district and the local hospital with oral-motor problems and a communication disorder, mild/moderate dyspraxia. My younger...   Read More

Thermal Tactile Stimulation for Swallowing

Michael Crary, Ph.D

November 8, 2004

Is thermal tactile stimulation for swallowing any better than electrical stimulation? I saw a study in the Respiratory Care Journal 2001 that says it is not.   Read More

Aiding Swallowing of Saliva for a Child who is NPO

Angela Sherman Slp.D, CCC-SLP

November 1, 2004

With a very medically and physically involved child that is NPO with limited cognitive resources, what strategies are successful in aiding swallowing of saliva?   Read More


Assessing Communication Abilities with Autistic Children

Kerrilyn Phillips Slp.D., CCC

October 25, 2004

I am a first year speech pathologist in the school system. I have a caseload of about 55 and am the only SLP in the district. The student that I am concerned about is an eighth grader who is autistic...   Read More


Unintelligible Speech at 3-1/2 Years of Age

Bruce Hanson, M.S.

October 18, 2004

What can I do as a parent to help my 3 1/2 year old with his phonologic disorder? He has a minor problem. He is unintelligible to other people, I am the only one who understands. It will be 6 months b...   Read More

Electrical Stimulation Therapy for Swallowing

Michael Crary, Ph.D

October 11, 2004

I am interested in finding out about electrical stimulation therapy for swallowing.   Read More

Disfluencies at the End of Sentences

Charlie Osborne, M.A.

October 4, 2004

I have a fifth grade student who I am serving for fluency as well as articulation. His disfluencies now occur only at the end of his sentences/phrases/thoughts, when he is pausing before beginning his...   Read More

Unilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis and Dysphagia

Stephanie Daniels, Ph.D

September 27, 2004

Do you have any exercises to help cure paralysis of the right true vocal cord that results in dysphagia?   Read More


Selective Mutism in a High School Student

Nancy Creaghead, Ph.D

September 20, 2004

I've been asked to observe a high school student who has not spoken in school since kindergarten. He is reported to speak at home. I've heard of selective mutism, but don't I need to consult with a co...   Read More

Therapy for Partial Glossectomy

Dennis Fuller, Ph.D

September 13, 2004

I evaluated a patient who recently had a partial glossectomy with a tongue flap replacement. The patient is currently unable to move his tongue. Do you have any suggestions for therapeutic techniques...   Read More

Inhalation of Sibilants

Bridgett Russell, Ph.D

September 6, 2004

I have been working with a 5 year old boy for the past 2 years. He has had a severe phonological problem plus he inhalates all sibilants. We have worked very hard and now the only phoneme left to addr...   Read More


Role of SLP's in Literacy Programs

Penelope Webster, Ph.D

August 30, 2004

Can you please suggest some resources to use to advocate for theimportance of SLP's in literacy programs? There is a lot of information regarding connecting oral language to literacy, but I am more sp...   Read More

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