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Reducing Laryngeal Tension During Stuttering

Craig Coleman, M.A.,CCC-SLP

September 5, 2005

I have three middle school students who are severe stutterers, whose greatest challenges appear at the laryngeal level. Two of them cannot get enough airflow during blocks to permit phonation and have...   Read More

Voice Change Post Tonsillectomy

Lori Lombard, Ph.D

August 29, 2005

I am a SLP in a public school and a 6th grade girl just came to me about her voice change since her tonsillectomy recently. Not sure how long it's been since the surgery, but I'm guessing not long. Is...   Read More

Therapy for Frontal Lisp

Cheryl Gerard, PhD

August 22, 2005

I have a client with a frontal lisp. He has already made significant improvement during therapy for /sh/, /j/, /ch/. The only sound left is /s/ and he can retract the tongue to produce an "okay&q...   Read More

Bi-Lingual Cochlear Implant Users

Nancye Roussel

August 15, 2005

My daughter Danielle was diagnosed with profound bilateral hearing loss at one month of age. She was implanted at 10 months. She hears the grass grow. Her receptive speech is about age appropriate, ex...   Read More

Nasal Emissions Post Tonsillectomy

Rosalie Unterman ., Ph.D,CCC

August 8, 2005

I'm a school speech pathologist looking for suggestions on remediating articulation errors that are produced with nasal emission. The errors produced with nasal emission are s, z, sh, ch, j. The stude...   Read More

Interpreting Test Scores

Shelley Velleman, Ph.D

August 1, 2005

Note: The following information pertains only to test scores that are "normally distributed" (i.e., form a bell-shaped curve), as is the case with tests that report standard scores. As a middle school...   Read More

Expression of Wants/Needs for Patient with Down Syndrome

Lauren Nelson, Ph.D

July 25, 2005

I have a 12-year-old patient with Down Syndrome. He is performing on a 2-year-old level according to the evaluation completed in November, 2004. The parent expressed concerns regarding his articulatio...   Read More

Early Intervention for Young Children with Cleft Lip and Palate

Lynn Marty Grames, M.A.,CCC-SLP

July 18, 2005

I will soon begin seeing two young children with repaired complete clefts of lip and palate. These children were evaluated for the First Steps program so a therapist other than myself performed the in...   Read More

Techniques for Producing Glides

Dee Lance, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

July 11, 2005

What are some clinical techniques and cues for treating children that cannot produce the /j/ phoneme? Also, how would you describe to the child the phonetic placing and shaping required for this phone...   Read More

Substitution Error v. Frontal Lisp

Mary Beth Armstrong, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

July 4, 2005

What is the distinction between a substitution error of th/s and a frontal lisp, which I've heard is not necessary to remediate (unless the client requests it) . To me many of them sound like /th/ and...   Read More

Teaching Swallowing Maneuvers

Michael Crary, Ph.D

June 27, 2005

I'm struggling with how to teach patients such maneuvers such as supraglottic swallow, supersupraglottic, and Mendelsohn, can you help?   Read More

Stuttering Therapy with Adults

Craig Coleman

June 20, 2005

I just began to work with an adult with a very strong stuttering (sometimes till 30 seconds before saying a word, with totally no eye contact and very contracted muscles). He was a short time with a s...   Read More

Medical Clearance for Voice Therapy

Michelle Harmon, Ph.D

June 13, 2005

Is it always necessary to get a medical clearance before any voice therapy can be undertaken? It was my understanding that a medical exam was necessary only in the cases where the individual had a voc...   Read More


Vital-Stim Dysphagia Exercises

Michael Crary, Ph.D

June 6, 2005

I have been referred a patient for vital-stim dysphagia exercises. I am the only speech therapist in a remote area of Idaho and do not have a lot of request for dysphagia. Is vital-stim the same or si...   Read More

Top-down v. Bottom-up Processing

Judy Duchan Speech-Language Pathologist

May 30, 2005

What is the difference between top-down and bottom-up processing in relation to the auditory system?   Read More


Ann Kummer, Ph.D

May 23, 2005

Hello, I work as an SLP in the public school system. Just recently a PreK student was referred for therapy. His speech and language skills were within normal limits. However, he has been diagnosed wit...   Read More


Speech Therapy Resources for Down Syndrome

Dr. Shari Robertson

May 16, 2005

What are some helpful resources for speech therapists working with the Down syndrome population (ages 2-5)?   Read More

Dysphagia Complicated by Aging Dementia

Kathy Thayer, M.A.

May 9, 2005

Would the term epiglottal dismotility apply to an aged patient whose swallowing of food aspirates foodbits into her lungs?   Read More

Phonological Approach for Vowelized Speech

Nancy Creaghead, Ph.D

May 2, 2005

As an SLP, I am the primary teacher of two 3hr/day preschool programs for children ages 3-5, diagnosed with primary communication disorders. My younger children seen in the mornings include several se...   Read More

Speech Sounds Affected by VPI

Amy Skinder Meredith, Ph.D,CCC-SLP

April 25, 2005

What speech sounds would be affected by poor velopharyngeal closure and what would they sound like instead?   Read More


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