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Textbook: Here’s How to Treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech: 3rd Edition

Margaret Fish, MS, CCC-SLP, Amy Skinder-Meredith, PhD, CCC-SLP

August 17, 2023

Current CAS research, best practices in evaluation, and effective treatment strategies to give clinicians greater confidence in working with children with this complex speech disorder are discussed in...   Read More


20Q: Using Speech Science in Clinical Practice

Amy Neel, PhD, CCC-SLP

December 15, 2022

Many speech-language pathology clinicians find speech science daunting and not applicable to their clinical practice. This course discusses why and how speech science is useful in understanding speech...   Read More


20Q: Criteria for Diagnosing Apraxia of Speech (AOS) in Adults

Katarina Haley, PhD, CCC-SLP

January 11, 2021

Apraxia of Speech (AOS) is a neurologic speech disorder that causes an impairment in the ability to program and coordinate sensorimotor commands, which are necessary for the production of normal speec...   Read More


Research Watch Report: Evidence-Based Treatment Approaches for Acquired Apraxia of Speech

April Garrity, PhD, CCC-SLP

May 14, 2020

Acquired apraxia of speech (AOS) is a motor speech disorder that results in decreased intelligibility and impaired prosody. Specifically, AOS results from damage to the motor planning and programming...   Read More


Interpreting Test Scores & Key Concepts with Standardized Tests

Carolyn (Carney) Sotto, PhD, CCC-SLP

May 15, 2018

What I will cover in this course is related to evidence-based practice. As a review, ASHA did have a joint coordinating committee on evidence-based practice and does have a position statement about th...   Read More


CAS, Reading & Writing

May 3, 2018

In this course, I am going to focus on describing the connections between or among speaking and reading and writing. I will address intervention superficially as “food for thought” and to provide...   Read More


Evidence-Based Practices in Selecting and Using Standardized Tests: Psychometric Adequacy

Stacey L. Pavelko, PhD, CCC-SLP

December 7, 2017

In Part two of this five-part standardized assessment series, we're going to focus on the issues of reliability and validity of standardized tests. We're going to define these terms and then discuss t...   Read More


Evidence-Based Practices in Selecting & Using Standardized Tests: Considerations for Speech Testing

Stacey L. Pavelko, PhD, CCC-SLP

October 18, 2017

Today’s course is going to focus on some considerations when testing for speech sound disorders. First, we are going to cover issues of reliability, validity and diagnostic accuracy as they relate t...   Read More


20Q: Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS): Diagnosis and Treatment

Amy Skinder-Meredith, PhD, CCC-SLP

October 13, 2017

This 20Q article provides some key facts regarding the common characteristics of CAS and how CAS can be differentiated from dysarthria or a phonological delay or disorder. Dr. Skinder-Meredith offers...   Read More


Research Watch Report, Issue 3

Meredith Poore Harold, PhD, CCC-SLP

July 19, 2017

Reading programs generally feature many components, any of which could contribute to teaching literacy skills. The Orton-Gillingham approach (upon which several popular reading programs are based) is...   Read More


Special Education Eligibility: When is a Speech-Language Impairment Also a Disability?

Lissa Power-deFur, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-CL, ASHA Fellow

October 30, 2015

Just to refresh your memory, special education was created a long time ago now - 40 years ago - by a federal law previously called the Education for Handicapped Children Act (EHA) and is now called ID...   Read More


Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS): Defining the territory

Peter Flipsen, Ph.D. Jr., S-LP(C), CCC-SLP

March 26, 2013

This text-based course is a transcript of the live seminar, “Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS): Defining the territory”, presented by Peter Flipsen, Ph.D. Jr. S-LP(C), CCC-SLP. >> Pe...   Read More

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Diagnosis and Treatment”

Kimberly Allyn Farinella, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

January 13, 2012

Communication Access Real‑time Translation (CART) is provided in order to facilitate communication...   Read More

Evidence-based Treatment Strategies for Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Christina Elke Gildersleeve-Neumann, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

July 7, 2011

This text-based course is a written transcript of the recorded course, “Evidence-based...   Read More

Medical Management of Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Amy Newmeyer

March 14, 2011

This text-based course is a written transcript of the course, "Medical Management of Children...   Read More

Genetic and Neurological Correlates of Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Barbara Lewis

March 14, 2011

This text-based course is a written transcript of the course, "Genetic and Neurological Correlates...   Read More

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: An Overview and Assessment Considerations

Rebecca McCauley

March 14, 2011

This text-based course is a written transcript of the course, "Childhood Apraxia of Speech: An Overview...   Read More

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Considerations for Selecting Target Utterances for Treatment

Margaret Fish, MS, CCC-SLP

November 8, 2010

This article is a written transcript of the course, "Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Considerations...   Read More

Working Guidelines for the Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Review of ASHA's 2007 Position Statement and Technical Report

Sue Caspari, Speech-Language Pathologist, Private Practice

October 8, 2007

IntroductionIn March of 2007, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) published...   Read More


Subsyllabic Component Durations in Three Children with Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Two Children with Typical Development, One Child with Phonologic Delay, and One Adult

Beate Peter, Carol Stoel-Gammon

February 7, 2005

Department of Speech and Hearing SciencesUniversity of Washington, Seattlebvpeter@u.washington.educsg@u.washington.eduAbstract:Previous...   Read More


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