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Can I earn all the CEUs for my state license renewal online at SpeechPathology.com?

Amy Hansen, MA, CCC-SLP, Amy Natho, MS, CCC-SLP

March 16, 2020



Can I get all of the continuing education to renew my state license online at SpeechPathology.com?



This is a question we often hear from our members. The answer to the question depends on the state rules and regulations for the license(s)you hold. 


Some states allow you to obtain all of your required continuing education (CE) online or through self-study courses; others limit the number of hours you can earn through these options. Self-study courses are those that you complete on your own time, at your own pace. They may be delivered over the Internet or through other mediums. On SpeechPathology.com, our Text, Audio, and Recorded Webinar course formats are examples of online self-study coursework. 


If your state limits online courses or requires a certain number of hours to be earned through “live” or “in-person” courses, it is important to determine whether Live Webinars are included in that restriction. SpeechPathology.com Live Webinars take place at a specific date and time and allow interaction between the presenter and the participants. If your state limits online coursework for licensure renewal, contact your state board to determine if Live Webinars are included in that restriction. Similarly, if your state requires that a certain number of hours be earned from live or in-person coursework, contact your state to verify whether Live Webinars may be used to meet that requirement. The answers will depend on how a state board interprets its rules.


Keep in mind that some states also have required topic areas such as infection control, ethics, and others that are needed for licensure renewal. These courses are generally included in the SpeechPathology.com course library.

Where can I find out my state license CE requirements?

Refer to the rules and regulations listed on the website of your licensing board. For your convenience, we have links to state licensing boards on the Resources page on our website.

If you have questions about the specific requirements, contact your state licensing board. SpeechPathology.com is always here to help!  Our team can assist you in identifying your state licensure CE requirements and direct you to courses on our website to help meet your needs. Contact us at customerservice@speechpathology.com  or 800-242-5183.

amy hansen

Amy Hansen, MA, CCC-SLP

Amy has been the managing editor for SpeechPathology.com for the past 10 years and has more than 20 years of experience as a speech-language pathologist. Prior to joining SpeechPathology.com in 2009, she worked at Case Western Reserve University assisting on several research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health focusing on childhood apraxia of speech and the impact of SSD on reading and writing development in school-age children. She holds a BA in Psychology from Saint Mary’s College and an MA in Speech-Language Pathology from Northern Illinois University.

amy natho

Amy Natho, MS, CCC-SLP

CEU Administrator/Assistant Editor

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