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What is Acceptance and Commitment Theory?

William S. Evans, PhD, CCC-SLP

March 1, 2024

What is Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT)?   Read More


What Does Denial Look Like When a Parent Learns of a Child’s Diagnosis?

Christy Jones-Hudson, MA, IMH-E®

April 17, 2023

What does denial look like when a parent learns of a child’s diagnosis?   Read More


Stuttering Support Groups

Craig Coleman, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-F

August 26, 2015

What is the best way to start a local support group for children and adults who stutter?   Read More


Addressing Emotions and Beliefs in Therapy

William Evans, PhD, CCC-SLP

May 25, 2015

Should an SLP address a patient's emotions and beliefs during therapy or refer the client to an outside professional?   Read More


Building a Good Relationship with Parents/Caregivers

Michael Flahive ., Ph.D,CCC

August 9, 2010

What can you suggest when a parent responds negatively when asked if they understood the instructions/explanation by saying something like, "You are making me feel stupid."?   Read More

Demonstrating Empathy Towards Children

Adina Soclof, M.S.,CCC-SLP

March 22, 2010

What are the six skills for demonstrating empathy to children and why are they beneficial?   Read More

Narrative Counseling and the Role of the SLP

Anthony DiLollo, Ph.D

September 14, 2009

What is narrative counseling and why do you feel it is a framework that SLPs should know?   Read More

Incorporating Personal Hygiene into Therapy

Mary Anne Nericcio, Ph.D

March 14, 2005

I am working with a 13-year-old boy in a public school setting. He is severely autistic and exhibits behaviors that are very inappropriate and very distracting. This is my first year working with this...   Read More

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