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Progressus Therapy
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Progressus Therapy
2701 N. Rocky Pt Drive, Ste 650
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: 800-239-7979
Website: invocompanies.com/careers

Progressus Therapy - Tampa
2701 N. Rocky Pt Drive, Ste 650
Tampa, FL 33607

Progressus Therapy - Baltimore
250 S. President Street
Suite 2300
Baltimore, MD 21202

Toll Free: 800-239-7979

Progressus Therapy

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PBS to Air Documentary Segment Featuring National Company Headquartered in Tampa

Female CEO Puts Spotlight on Children with DisabilitiesTampa, FL – August 25, 2015 - Each year Progressus Therapy and its team of 550 special education and early intervention professionals serve more than 30,000 children with special

Signing Bonuses

In the tough economic times we’re currently experiencing, signing bonuses are less frequently offered due to tight budgets, but it’s important to know why they’re offered and when you can realistically expect (or hope) one is offered to you.

Tips for Finding a Job

If you find yourself discouraged about a lack of job opportunities or a lack of positive response...

Get Recognized for Your Clinical Excellence

From a business standpoint, clinical specialty recognition can be useful in building your reputation, marketing your services, and increasing the number of referrals and self-referrals to your practice.

Interpersonal Conflict at Work

We choose our friends but we don’t choose our co-workers. It is inevitable that there will be interpersonal conflict in any workplace.

Job Hunting 101 - What to Expect

New grads in speech-language pathology and audiology have skills and knowledge that are increasingly...

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