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PBS to Air Documentary Segment Featuring National Company Headquartered in Tampa

August 27, 2015

Female CEO Puts Spotlight on Children with Disabilities

Tampa, FL – August 25, 2015 - Each year Progressus Therapy and its team of 550 special education and early intervention professionals serve more than 30,000 children with special needs across the country. Led by President and CEO Janet Knupp, who is nationally recognized for her expertise in education reform, Progressus Therapy’s invaluable work with children with special needs is being featured on IMPACT, the award winning documentary educational series, which airs on PBS.

Each year, more than 6.4 million children receive special education services through our public school systems. More than $438M in federal fiscal support is provided annually for early intervention services focused on overcoming developmental delays and helping prepare infants and toddlers for school. “As an educator, parent and lifelong advocate for at-risk children, I was excited to be able to shed much needed light on the importance of the services we provide and the difference we make in the lives and futures of children,” said Janet Knupp. “With a corporate headquarters based in Tampa, we are proud of the impact we are having in more than 200+ charters, school districts, and communities.”

Linda Garrahan was also featured in the documentary, along with two Progressus Therapy clinicians who have treated her daughter Olivia. Garrahan’s family knows first-hand the profound impact of these services and speaks about the milestones that her daughter Olivia has achieved through therapy.

Based in Tampa, FL, Progressus Therapy is the leading national provider of school-based and early intervention therapeutic services. The organization partners with 200+ school districts, charter schools and community agencies across the country to create positive outcomes for children. Visit www.progressustherapy.com to learn more.

The IMPACT documentary will be aired on PBS stations throughout the year. The IMPACT series delivers educational programming that is accurate, hard hitting, and honest.

Watch the video here.

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