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The Stepping Stones Group
Phone: 800-337-5965
Website: thesteppingstonesgroup.com

SLP Reviews:
"The pay is fair compared to other contract companies, they offer great bonuses and reimbursement funds, and there is a strong emphasis on mentoring and supervising. It is always easy to get in touch with my field manager with any therapy-related questions and my HR team for anything company-related! SSG also offers free continuing education opportunities throughout the year and really supports professional development."
"Good pay. Nice that they have local events for employees. SSG really cares about their employees and I've trusted them b/c I've had no reason not to. Great clinical support from local leaders."
"My experience with SSG has been very positive overall. My HR team, as well as local field manager, are easy to contact and always helpful. The company also offers competitive pay for my area and generous reimbursement packages compared to other companies I considered. They even had a student loan payment plan when I first signed on, which pays out $5000 over 3 years. I think the company does a good job of focusing on supervision and mentoring to make sure employees are able to handle their work. My manager does monthly check-ins, and frequently sends us e-mails with reminders and tips."
"The Stepping Stones Group is extremely supportive and helpful with anything I need. I have reached out to my recruiter, and others in HR and have received feedback so quickly! This company made my 4.5-hour move as stress-free as possible with their support and stipend packages. They also provide monthly CEU courses. I genuinely enjoy being a part of this company!"

The Stepping Stones Group

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