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Help: CEU/Credit Hour Processing FAQs

What is a SpeechPathology.com membership?

A membership to SpeechPathology.com allows you unlimited access to our course library for one year. The renewable membership costs $99. SpeechPathology.com hosts a library of over 450 live, video, audio, and text-based courses covering a wide array of topics. The course library continues to grow, so check back often for new courses. Become a member!

To ensure uninterrupted service and continued professional development, your membership will automatically be renewed at the end of your membership using the payment method you have on file. You can cancel anytime, effective the next billing cycle, online or by contacting our Customer Service Department via telephone at 800-242-5183.

How do I complete a course with SpeechPathology.com?

After participating in a live webinar, video, audio, or text-based course, you will be required to achieve a passing score of 80% on a multiple-choice examination. You will be given immediate feedback regarding the results of your exam and a second opportunity to pass the exam if necessary. To earn credit for a live webinar, you must be logged into the entire event and complete the exam within 7 days; for a video, audio, or text-based course, you must complete the exam within 30 days of the course registration date. If you do not complete the exam within those time parameters you must re-register for the course. You can access your CE Exams by clicking on ‘Dashboard’ or 'Pending Courses' on the navigation sidebar. After passing the exam, you will be required to complete a course evaluation in order to receive a certificate of completion for the course. Please note that you will not be allowed to complete more than 10 hours of coursework on any calendar day.

Once I have completed courses at SpeechPathology.com, how do I get my courses listed in the ASHA Registry or show proof of SAC CEEs? 

If you are a member of the ASHA (American Speech-Language Hearing Association) Registry and would like SpeechPathology.com to report your coursework to that Registry, you must check Yes for ASHA reporting on the pre-exam page during the CE exam process for each course. You will also need to have your ASHA account number in your profile on our site. If you have not already entered this number, you can do so in multiple ways:  you can enter it on the pre-exam page when you take a CE test; you may call us toll-free at 800-242-5183 and provide this information over the phone; or you may click on "Account settings" on the left navigation sidebar to update this number in your Professional Information. This information must be entered or updated in your SpeechPathology.com account within 5 days of passing your CE test for a given course or the course will NOT be reported to the ASHA Registry.

SpeechPathology.com will electronically report your coursework to the ASHA Registry as long as the instructions are followed in the previous paragraph. Please allow up to three months for credit from SpeechPathology.com continuing education activities to appear on your official ASHA Registry transcript.

Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC)

SAC accepts the SpeechPathology.com Certificate of Completion as proof of completion of CEEs. Simply access your SpeechPathology.com Transcripts page, print the Certificate of Completion for the course you have completed or save it as a PDF, and retain it for your records.

Who keeps track of how many CEUs have been earned?

SpeechPathology.com maintains a transcript of CE activities completed on SpeechPathology.com for you. After you login, navigate to your Dashboard, and select "Transcripts." In the upper right corner of the page you will see an option to print or to save your certificates or transcripts. To view courses completed prior to the current year you will need to change the 'Year' from the drop-down menu located at the top left corner of the Transcript page and select "search." You may access this page at any time to view courses that you have completed. Please note that this is not an official ASHA Registry transcript.

The ASHA CE Registry keeps track of CEUs for eligible participants who have satisfactorily completed a continuing education activity offered for ASHA CEUs, provided their ASHA number, marked that they want their CEUs reported, and paid their annual ASHA CE Registry fee. You must contact ASHA headquarters directly regarding your ASHA CE Registry questions/comments. You may reach ASHA at 1-800-498-2071.

Do I have to be a member of ASHA to have CEUs listed in the ASHA Registry?

No; however, if you would like to be enrolled in the ASHA CE Registry Database you must pay the required annual fee directly to ASHA, and be eligible to earn ASHA CEUs. SpeechPathology.com cannot verify whether you are currently enrolled in the ASHA CE Registry or the number of CEUs recorded on your ASHA transcript. You must contact ASHA headquarters directly regarding your ASHA CE Registry questions/comments. You may reach ASHA at 1-800-498-2071. SpeechPathology.com maintains a transcript of CE activities completed on SpeechPathology.com for you. After you log in, select 'Transcripts' on the left navigation sidebar. Please note that this is not an ASHA Registry transcript.

What is the difference between CEUs and the length of a course (course hours)? How does this relate to CEEs?

Course credits are calculated differently by ASHA and SAC. ASHA uses the internationally recognized Continuing Education Unit (CEU) as the standard unit of measuring participation in a continuing education course. One (1.0) CEU is defined as 10 hours of participation in coursework, so a 1-hour course is equal to 0.1 CEUs. SAC's Continuing Education Equivalent (CEE) is based on clock hours, so a 1-hour course is equal to 1 CEE. A course that is 2 hours in length on SpeechPathology.com would be listed for 0.2 ASHA CEUs and 2 Hours (CEEs) for SAC.

I was viewing my SpeechPathology.com e-Learning transcript and I saw two messages "Reported to ASHA" and "Will report to ASHA." What do these messages mean?

You must verify that your account information at SpeechPathology.com (SP) is up to date and indicate your reporting preference prior to completing a CE exam to ensure that your CEU credits are reported properly to the ASHA CE Registry. If your profile is not up to date, this could result in failure to report your CEUs, or reporting of inaccurate information to the ASHA CE Registry.

Remember that this reporting option should only be selected if you are a member of the ASHA Registry and would like that Registry to maintain a record of your CEU courses. If you maintain your own course records, you may print out the CE Certificates from your SP Transcripts page as proof of course completion.

Why have my completed courses not been sent to the ASHA Registry?

There is an approximate 30 to 60-day delay between when a course is completed and when a course is reported to the ASHA CE Registry, depending on the type of course and the date it was completed.

For Live events, please allow 45 days following the event before contacting a CE Administrator using the contact form on our website.

For on-demand activities (video, audio, and text-based courses), please allow 45 days following the end of the calendar month during which the course was completed before contacting the SP CE Administrator using the contact form on our website.

Why is my course shown as reported but it is not on the ASHA Registry?

SpeechPathology.com cannot verify information posted on your ASHA Registry transcripts. You can verify that your coursework was reported to the ASHA Registry by contacting ASHA two weeks after the reporting date listed on your SpeechPathology.com transcript for a given course. If the ASHA Registry indicates they have not received a reported course from SP, please contact the CE Administrator using the contact form on our website.

Can SpeechPathology.com report my coursework to CE Broker?

SpeechPathology.com does not report directly to CE Broker for any state. However, if you request SpeechPathology.com to report your courses to ASHA, ASHA will then transmit that course data to CE Broker for the licensing boards of Florida, Ohio and South Carolina. You will need to be a paid member of the ASHA Registry, and will need to provide your license number to ASHA. ASHA reporting to CE Broker occurs on a daily basis. For more information, see ASHA's CE Broker FAQ page

Members who do not use the ASHA Registry may self-report coursework to CE Broker. For more information about self-reporting, please visit CE Broker. The SpeechPathology.com provider number for CE Broker is 50-10973. SpeechPathology.com certificates of completion may be uploaded as documentation if required.

Thank you for your interest in a SpeechPathology.com membership! If you have remaining questions about our CE procedures or if we may be of further assistance, please contact our CE Administrator or call us toll-free at (800) 242-5183.