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Neurological Evaluation of CAS

Amy Newmeyer

February 14, 2011



Should all children with suspected CAS be referred for a detailed neurological evaluation?


I do not think it is necessary for every child with suspected CAS to have a full neurological evaluation. However, from the speech-language pathologist's perspective, it is best to have a high index of suspicion of other issues that may be co-occurring. Think about other neurological conditions such as seizures, stroke, or an unusual birth history that is reported by the parents.

I would also recommend looking for any issues the child may have with fine motor skills, such as handwriting, tying their shoes, buttoning button, things that involve the fine motor control you would need to refer for an occupational therapy evaluation.

This Ask the Expert was taken from the course entitled: Medical Management of Childhood Apraxia of Speech by Amy Newmeyer, MD.

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Amy Newmeyer is clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics, section of developmental and behavior pediatrics at the Ohio State University College of Medicine. She is also Director of The comprehensive CP program and Director of the developmental/behavioral pediatrics fellowship program at Nationwide Children's Hospital. She is a member of the Society for Pediatric Research Council. She is board certified in both general pediatrics and neurodevelopmental disabilities, and has evaluated children with CAS in an interdisciplinary team clinic for the last 8 years.

amy newmeyer

Amy Newmeyer

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