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Course # 5276
EBP in Accent Modification: Understanding client needs and values

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CEUs/Hours Offered: ASHA/0.1 Intermediate, Professional; Kansas DHE, LTS-S1370/1.0; SAC/1.0

Course Abstract

This course uses a needs-based objective decision framework to identify the accent-related needs of clients who speak with nonstandard regional or foreign accents. Using quotes and video narratives of clients, listeners will be provided a range of attitudes, values, needs, and wants clients have around their accents. These attitudes and wants are not always predictable, and often, not identified or shared by clinicians. A broad range of research findings will also be presented to demonstrate the real-life challenges and obstacles related to speaking in nonstandard accents. Further, a clients’-needs-based framework that uses quantitative methods and statistically-tested stimuli is introduced in this course to ensure that clinician biases, society’s stereotypes, or employer’s discrimination are not the driving forces in accent-modification services. Instead, the framework shows how objective data and evidence based practice (EBP) can overcome and replace stereotypes and inadvertent discrimination.
Disclosure: This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.

This course was recorded on February 14, 2012


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • After this course, participants will be able to describe the importance of determining clients’ values and needs within the premise of evidence-based practice.
  • After this course, participants will be able to list references and explain findings of representative studies that describe the type of challenges individuals with nonstandard accents face.
  • After this course, participants will be able to describe the tool and methods available within a clients’ need-based framework to objectively determine the candidacy for accent modification services.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-10 Minutes Overview and Background
10-55 Minutes Evidence-based Research
55-60 Minutes Conclusion; Q&A

Average Rating

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Review by: Member on October 4, 2015
This important topic is well addressed.
Review by: Phoebe on October 2, 2015
Great clips
Review by: Margaret on September 23, 2015
Loved the research and data being gathered to help guide clinical practice.
Review by: Del on September 21, 2015
The presenter was articulate, informed, gave information beyond the handout (she didn't read it), and provided new information.
Review by: Member on September 13, 2015
no content regarding what accent reduction looks like, too much time spent on what an accent is and how it can have social ramifications
Review by: Member on September 1, 2015
Dr. Shah's work on developing EBP guidelines in this area of research was very informative.
Review by: Member on August 29, 2015
The research that was made in order to quantify accentedness.
Review by: Megan on August 28, 2015
I liked the visuals on the powerpoint, as well as the sample clips of clients.
Review by: Deborah on August 26, 2015
Interesting topic which provided updated objective data
Review by: Joyce on August 25, 2015
New information for me.
Review by: Andrea on August 24, 2015
It was very informative and interesting.
Review by: Member on August 23, 2015
I especially liked the individual examples of the accent clients.
Review by: Member on August 23, 2015
Practical information
Review by: Member on August 23, 2015
Very basic information- I wanted more specifics.
Review by: Member on August 21, 2015
Good information, great video examples
Review by: Member on August 20, 2015
Excellent presentation of current EBP and methods to use right now!
Review by: Member on August 20, 2015
Would appreciate more discussion of the CAAI.
Review by: Devin on August 11, 2015
Presenter clearly presented ideas in an easy to understand manner.
Review by: Marie on July 25, 2015
Content of course was very good.
Review by: Megan on July 23, 2015
The speaker was very engaging and thorough, and provided lots of examples.
Review by: Niloufar on July 20, 2015
It was well organized and relevant to the topic. However it was superficial in that it taught no real techniques, just general information.
Review by: Kerri on July 17, 2015
The presenter was great and I am interested in this topic.
Review by: Betty on July 10, 2015
Examples given
Review by: kamala on July 5, 2015
emphasized need for clinicians to be aware that all accents do not need to be modified or changed.
Review by: Sarah C. on June 30, 2015
Evidence based practice
Review by: Callie on June 25, 2015
well put together
Review by: Gloria on June 20, 2015
Focus on client needs and wants
Review by: Alisha on June 2, 2015
Clear instructor and supplementary materials.
Review by: Maureen on May 20, 2015
timely and relevant clinical topic
Review by: Jackie on May 8, 2015
Dr. Shah presentation was very well organized and comprehensible. I have a new insight about perception and social implications. i would love to learn more.
Review by: Melissa on April 21, 2015
I learned about the CAII test which provides a standardized measure of assessing a person's need for accent reduction therapy.
Review by: Monty on April 20, 2015
speaker and materials
Review by: Ashanty on April 19, 2015
Good information and explanations.
Review by: Marissa on March 25, 2015
It was pretty vague, and while bringing up some basic points about what to consider, I didn't really walk away with much in hand to help me actually implement her suggestions.
Review by: Allison on March 18, 2015
I enjoyed the topic as well as addressing why SLPs must be aware of cultural differences. I learned that A.M was not an ethical practice while in school; now, I can see how necessary it can be. I hope to take on A.M clients in the near future. It's a topic that fascinates me.
Review by: Alexandra on March 12, 2015
Clear, concise and with practical information.
Review by: Carolina on March 11, 2015
great presentation
Review by: Michelle on March 3, 2015
I am glad to see more courses on this topic! It's an important knowledge area for SLP's but it can be difficult to find relevant coursework.
Review by: Adra on February 25, 2015
It provided excellent background information in a new growing field.
Review by: Laura on January 30, 2015
Education about the factor of listener bias.
Review by: Evelyn on January 16, 2015
Objective way to present discriminations of those with accents or differences.
Review by: Hailee on January 5, 2015
VERY informative!
Review by: Elizabeth on December 28, 2014
Given that this is a clinical area that I do not usually participate in, I was able to learn a great deal and will keep my notes and apply them in any future instances.
Review by: ESTEBAN on December 26, 2014
The course provided a clear road map, specific goals, and mentioned available tools.
Review by: Aubree' on December 18, 2014
Review by: Laura on December 16, 2014
Information expanded on the argument for listener education and cultural competency training
Review by: julie on December 1, 2014
Information on a relatively new topic in our field that bears consideration; the CAAI seems like a potentially useful tool because of its objectivity.
Review by: Pamela on November 26, 2014
Objective evaluation information
Review by: Melinda on November 24, 2014
Nice presentation about how to screen for accent modification services. It would be helpful to learn more about the treatment approaches .
Review by: Rae on November 22, 2014
Focus on accent modification and extent of need, evaluating when to give "treatment."Content was well organized.
Review by: Bonnie on November 20, 2014
It provided an objective way to make clinical decisions about accent mod.
Review by: Patricia on November 16, 2014
Invited participants to consider listener stereotypes, etc. not just consonants, vowels and prosody.
Review by: Anna on November 7, 2014
Well organized, knowledgeable and passionate speaker.
Review by: Monica on October 7, 2014
Distinguished between when you need accent modification and when you don't, instead you need listener education.
Review by: Mary on September 28, 2014
Well organized
Review by: elizabeth on September 28, 2014
The material is not as complex as many other areas. However, it was presented in a transparent and organized fashion. Good clear guidelines.
Review by: Catherine on September 10, 2014
Review by: Martha on August 27, 2014
Magnificent presenter. She is very clear and organized when presenting her ideas.
Review by: lantelme@hotmail.com on August 25, 2014
Specific examples demonstrated points of the course better.
Review by: Kathryn on August 20, 2014
Very knowledgeable presenter.
Review by: Jeri on August 1, 2014
Personal experience
Review by: Zulemy on July 29, 2014
enjoyed the workshop interesting field of work
Review by: Vicky on July 16, 2014
Organized presentation and handout. Fantastic short audio clips of clients.
Review by: Molly on June 26, 2014
It was a well organized intro into the topic for an SLP without accent modification experience.
Review by: HELEN on June 9, 2014
cutting edge topic!
Review by: Maryann on June 3, 2014
Presenter is very knowledgeable and experienced with accents. I enjoyed listening to her, and will seek out more of her talks.
Review by: Alaina on May 28, 2014
Great presenter on a rarely presented topic.
Review by: Sonia on May 23, 2014
New information for me, presented clearly.
Review by: Mimi on April 27, 2014
It is excellent to have an evidence based practices approach to accent modification assessment and service delivery.
Review by: Connie on April 25, 2014
Very well organized and presented with good detail and examples.
Review by: Caroline on April 14, 2014
I enjoyed the research studies and the real-life examples of accents.
Review by: Elgustus on March 15, 2014
Presenter shared research evidence to support recommendations made for clinical practice.
Review by: Elizabeth on February 20, 2014
Review by: Lisa on February 20, 2014
Well organized.
Review by: Kelly on January 30, 2014
It made me aware of things I need to consider before recommending therapy, and the frustrations that clients may be encountering.
Review by: Gayle on December 31, 2013
Examples of speakers, most of the powerpoint slides, discussion of assessment tools & research.
Review by: Jennifer on December 30, 2013
Great information
Review by: Andrea on December 27, 2013
Review by: Gaby on December 25, 2013
Review by: jill on December 25, 2013
new information presented in a clear organozed way. I liked the examples from research studies
Review by: salwa on December 24, 2013
Set up good reason for needing evidence based practice in this area. I appreciated someone working to make assessment of this area more objective with accurate baselines
Review by: Nancy on December 23, 2013
Clear, well organized content, interesting narratives and audio clips.
Review by: Sarah on December 21, 2013
Interesting information about a less-discussed topic.
Review by: Joe on December 17, 2013
It was very well organized.
Review by: Joyce on December 14, 2013
Well Organized and Insightful
Review by: Frances on December 4, 2013
Presenter was informative and thorough. I appreciated the video clips to help me understand the need for accent modification and the prejudices that people may face daily.
Review by: Carol on November 24, 2013
real examples from real people were given.
Review by: cindy on November 20, 2013
Speaker's articulation of the need for multi-cultural sensitivity/advocacy
Review by: Diane on November 14, 2013
met the stated objectives
Review by: Elizabeth on October 20, 2013
instructor's obvious expertise and enthusiasm about her content
Review by: George on October 10, 2013
Learning about how to properly diagnose accent disorders was interesting with detailed testing measures
Review by: Rachel on October 3, 2013
sharing actual data, examples of how to rate accent/intelligibility and explained in a way that can actually be applied to my service coordination and helps me select clients, explain and educate clients and using EBP address accent modification.
Review by: Robert on September 29, 2013
Very good information was presented but the speaker spoke quickly and the handout was hard to read.
Review by: Gail on September 28, 2013
information, handout
Review by: Lisa on September 25, 2013
speaker is well versed on the material. organized and interesting course.
Review by: sunita on September 18, 2013
organized very well. This is a new topic for me and I was able to see the main points easily.
Review by: Margaret on September 8, 2013
the language samples, was well organizedthe slides and text were not in sync though
Review by: Aliza on July 7, 2013
It was a good introductory course on accent modification.
Review by: Nakia on June 12, 2013
Review by: Deb on June 2, 2013
Very well organized-- I enjoyed the video documentary. Lot's of valuable information.

Course Information

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Course Presenter

amee p shah

Amee P. Shah, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Dr. Amee Shah is an Associate Professor in the Speech and Hearing program and director of the Speech Acoustics & Research Laboratory at Cleveland State University. Dr. Shah holds a BSc in Audiology & Speech Rehabilitation, MA in Linguistics, MA in Speech-language Pathology, a M. Phil and a Ph.D. She pursued a Post-doctoral Fellowship at McGill University in neurolinguistics.

Dr. Shah is certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and has practiced as a bilingual speech-language pathologist for over 15 years, including seven years in New York City. Dr. Shah's research interests involve the study of the processes of cross-linguistic speech production and perception, with a focus on foreign-accented English. This line of investigation is helping bridge the gaps between basic science research and clinical practice with bilingual and nonnative speakers of English. Dr. Shah is building a national reputation in the area of clinical concerns related to foreign-accentedness. As of 2007, she has developed the "Comprehensive Assessment of Accentedness & Intelligibility (CAAI)", a first of its kind comprehensive, data-based, assessment battery to assess communication difficulties related to foreign-accented speech. She has numerous national and international presentations, and peer-reviewed publications in various theoretical and clinical issues of foreign-accentedness.

Disclosure: Financial disclosure: Dr Shah developed/publishes the CAAI assessment battery mentioned in this presentation. She has no nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

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CEUs/Hours Offered: ASHA/0.1 Intermediate, Professional; Kansas DHE, LTS-S1370/1.0; SAC/1.0

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