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Practically Speaking: AAC Strategies for Beginning Communicators

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Course Abstract

This presentation provides an overview of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) strategies for individuals of any age who are at the early stages of communication learning. A review of issues and procedures for evaluating individuals who communicate at pre-intentional, pre-symbolic, and emerging symbolic levels will be presented. Participants will become familiar with a rationale for using AAC strategies to supplement their spoken communication abilities. Intervention principles and practices for teaching an initial repertoire of meaningful communication skills will be shared.
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This course was recorded on May 16, 2008


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to describe characteristics of beginning communicators.
  • Participants will be able to discuss rationales for using AAC strategies with beginning communicators.
  • Participants will be able to explain strategies for assessing the communication abilities of beginning communicators.
  • Participants will be able to describe the use of aided AAC strategies to enhance expressive and receptive communication.
  • Participants will be able to discuss procedures for the initial teaching of picture-based communication aids.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes Welcome & Introductions
5-20 Minutes Nature and characteristics of beginning communicators; What advantages do AAC approaches have over a speech-only approach?
20-50 Minutes Developing a communication profile: Assessment strategies and tools
50-70 Minutes Setting appropriate goals for intervention
70-90 Minutes Guidelines for developing initial AAC materials
90-110 Minutes But how do I get them to use it? Intervention strategies for teaching early communication skills through AAC
110-120 Minutes Questions & Answers

Average Rating

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Most Recent Comments

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Review by: Megan on September 4, 2012
The instructor was able to present this information and clear and concise manner that the beginner can understand and the information was very relavent to current caseloads.
Review by: Katie on August 31, 2012
Stayed on topic and focused on coures material listed in presenters description.
Review by: Nancy on August 26, 2012
The presenter was clearly an expert in the field of AAC devices and demonstrates a comprehensive approach to using AAC in a variety of ways.
Review by: Lorie on August 25, 2012
great strategies
Review by: Haidee on August 20, 2012
very practical information; enjoyed the case studies with detailed examples of real-world applications
Review by: Elizabeth on August 13, 2012
Very helpful examples.
Review by: Cathy on August 8, 2012
Well presented, great content
Review by: Stephanie on August 3, 2012
AAC is an area that I always need more education in, the presenter gave great examples of ideas and reasons why kids need systematic approaches to teach them communication.
Review by: Lauren on July 30, 2012
The presenter was very thorough and very passionate about AAC. She had real-world knowledge of the topic and shared personal experiences which only heightened the understanding for me! I am pleased with this course.
Review by: Nadiyah on July 28, 2012
The information was clearly presented.
Review by: Renee on July 21, 2012
Great presenter, great content
Review by: Carrie on July 18, 2012
good visuals
Review by: Donna on July 4, 2012
Material presented clearly and in systematic manner and was loaded with practical and functional therapy ideas.
Review by: Judith on June 28, 2012
The information was very informative but was presented a little slow with too many examples. Otherwise I would have rated this as excellent.
Review by: Linda on June 2, 2012
The examples really brought the information to life.
Review by: Erika on May 26, 2012
I liked the pictures showing real-life examples throughout the course
Review by: Sandra on May 24, 2012
Strong organization of presentation, provided additional ideas for decreasing and increasing task difficulty, excellent review of basics for assessing and teaching AAC.
Review by: Jacquelyn on May 19, 2012
Dr. Zangari was clearly knowledgeable about the subject matter, and presented information in a very organized, thoughtful way, which facilitated learning.
Review by: Shareka on May 5, 2012
Very informative and detailed even with limited time.
Review by: Eleanor on April 27, 2012
Comprehensive coverage of materials
Review by: Abby on April 22, 2012
Course was informative. Gave lots of good examples of how to use AAC strategies with beginning communicators. Information was at a more basic level and geared towards SLPs who have not had a lot of experience implementing AAC techniques.
Review by: Judi on April 19, 2012
The course provided a good basis for AAC
Review by: Elizabeth on April 18, 2012
It was clear, concise, and very much to the point. I think that I was provided with valuable, useful tools that I can take to my practice and begin implementing tomorrow.
Review by: Hillary on April 18, 2012
This was a good overview that included specific information about assessment, creating goal and objectives, and tailoring methods to the specific needs of the individual.
Review by: Claire on April 5, 2012
Many concrete examples of communication aid utilization. Information presented is directly applicable to clients on my caseload.
Review by: Karen on March 25, 2012
Very practical and useful information and examples.
Review by: Jessica on March 16, 2012
This course provided functional and straight forward strategies for every day practice with beginning AAC users.
Review by: Dana on March 9, 2012
This was very applicable to working with young children as they are beginning communicators.
Review by: Debbie on March 4, 2012
The information was very relevant to what I was looking for for my new client. The examples were explicit and gave me a starting place as well.
Review by: janet on February 25, 2012
Good examples, well organized and interesting information, practical suggestions
Review by: Margaret on February 22, 2012
The information presented was relevant to my current caseload.
Review by: Brenda on January 28, 2012
Presenter did a great job with introducing the topic and given practical hands-on activities as well as the rational behind them.
Review by: Leslie on January 25, 2012
Material was thorough and informative.
Review by: Mary Grace on January 24, 2012
It was a great tuturiol for a clinician working with students begining to use AAC devices.
Review by: Abra on January 17, 2012
I like that real goals and "real life" situations were included. Thanks!
Review by: Pamela on January 15, 2012
This course was well organized and very practical with good clinical examples.
Review by: Geraldine on December 31, 2011
specific materials for assessment use in my workplace; specific examples including photos of AAC materials and their use in environments; clear definitions and explanations
Review by: Zaira on December 31, 2011
Great examples!
Review by: Nicole on December 30, 2011
Examples of intervention were provided.
Review by: Jodie on December 29, 2011
useful intervention ideas
Review by: Carlie on December 28, 2011
Great visuals
Review by: Courtney on December 27, 2011
Material was organized and presented clearly with appropriate handouts.
Review by: Wendy on December 20, 2011
Good specific examples for very early communicators. Provided a good guide of where to start and where to go with children with severe physical and cognitive deficits.
Review by: Maria on December 18, 2011
Clear outline and presentation
Review by: Christie on December 14, 2011
Delineation between non-aided/aided comm; info re: communication stage. Good focus on low-tech communication
Review by: nataly on December 12, 2011
All the examples and suggestions
Review by: Joan on December 4, 2011
Highly relevant to my current clients.
Review by: Brenda on December 1, 2011
Many real-life examples Good pace for learningKnowledgeable presenter
Review by: Rebecca on November 28, 2011
Lots of explanations and examples that illustrated the concepts.
Review by: Angelique on November 27, 2011
It was very practical and provided strategies that I knew I could implement the very next day at work.
Review by: Barbara on November 27, 2011
Carole Zangari has an easy presentation style. She provided good examples and the handouts were well organized.
Review by: Cheryl on November 13, 2011
very practical information for use of AAC with beginning communicators.
Review by: cynthia on October 25, 2011
information succinct and applicable to clinical practice
Review by: Diane on October 20, 2011
concrete examples. focused bullet points.
Review by: Rebeca on September 18, 2011
Specific therapy techniques were provided, which is often missing in most presentations.

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Course Presenter

carole zangari

Carole Zangari, Ph.D.

Dr. Zangari is a professor of Speech, Language, and Communication Disorders at Nova Southeastern University where she directs the Tyler Institute for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). She is the Coordinator for the AAC Division of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Dr. Zangari has published and presented in the area of communication and literacy strategies for individuals with complex communication needs.

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