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Course # 5476
Mild Cognitive Impairment: From Diagnosis to Management

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Course Abstract

This course will outline the diagnostic criteria that differentiate MCI from dementia and discuss useful measures for establishing baseline levels of cognitive and language symptoms. A Memory Strategies treatment group for addressing client and caregiver concerns about maintaining memory functioning and delaying or preventing conversion to dementia will be described.
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This course was recorded on June 29, 2012


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • After this course, participants will be able to describe the diagnostic criteria that differentiate MCI from dementia.
  • After this course, participants will be able to explain useful measures for establishing baseline levels of cognitive and language functioning for persons with MCI.
  • After this course, participants will be able to describe the purpose and process of a Memory Strategies treatment group for persons with MCI.
  • After this course, participants will be able to explain measures for evaluating the effects of the treatment group on persons with MCI and their caregivers.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-15 Minutes Introduction to MCI; differential diagnosis
15-45 Minutes Memory Strategies Group Treatment; group process and measuring effects
45-55 Minutes Impact on caregivers
55-60 Minutes Conclusion; Q&A

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Review by: Diana on March 17, 2013
Provided information on screens/questionaires to utilize with individuals with MCI
Review by: Catherine on January 21, 2013
brief review of research related to topic as well as review of how the research applies to treatment
Review by: Kelbe on January 15, 2013
practical information on differentiating MCI from dementia
Review by: Karol on January 6, 2013
Information shared and organization Course handouts clearly written and organized
Review by: Cathi on January 6, 2013
The speaker was very knowledgeable about her topic. The information is applicable to client's I'm seeing on an outpatient basis at our rehab hospital.
Review by: Laura on December 31, 2012
The end had practical information.
Review by: Karen on December 29, 2012
material in the slides; information on assessment and information about 10 wk tx course
Review by: Tammy on December 27, 2012
The inclusion of applied, clinical research to support the theory.
Review by: Joyce on December 22, 2012
clear, logical presentatiom
Review by: Timothy on December 18, 2012
Organized and followed planned outline
Review by: Nishiza on December 15, 2012
Handouts and Practical Applications were very clear and direct
Review by: Constance on December 6, 2012
Useful information.
Review by: Rusty on December 5, 2012
Contemporary; Relevant to today's patient with MCI
Review by: Deborah on December 2, 2012
good details involved in MCI
Review by: Mary on November 26, 2012
Specific info re: mci vs dementias
Review by: Amanda on November 23, 2012
it left me wondering how many of my 'dementia' patients may just be MCI
Review by: Jarah on November 14, 2012
Review by: Allison on November 10, 2012
Presenter provided lots of examples of assessment and intervention materials.
Review by: Melissa on November 5, 2012
Detailed explanation of literature, including evidence based approaches and real world application at university group
Review by: Clementina on October 21, 2012
evidence based memory strategies that can be applied to daily treatent.
Review by: Debra on October 21, 2012
Knowledgable presenter.
Review by: Mary Beth on October 9, 2012
very well organized. excellent information provided
Review by: Dottie on October 8, 2012
Very relevant information presented in organized manner.
Review by: Kathryn on September 30, 2012
Handouts were good and supported the audio material. Information was concise.
Review by: Sandee on September 30, 2012
knowledge of instructor combined with handout availability
Review by: Nancy on August 22, 2012
Information and presentation was well organized and useful to me as a professional in a SNF
Review by: Janice on July 22, 2012
Well organized and specific information was provided relative to the topic.
Review by: Erin on July 11, 2012
Well organized and informative.
Review by: Ann on July 2, 2012
Michelle Bourgeois is an excellent presenter with functional informtion relevant to an adult caseload.
Review by: Carol on June 30, 2012
Well organized, clearly presented, up to date information.

Course Information

This is an audio recording of a Live Webinar.

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Course Presenter

michelle bourgeois

Michelle Bourgeois, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Michelle S. Bourgeois, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow, is a Professor in the Department of Speech & Hearing Science, The Ohio State University. She has received numerous grants from the National Institutes of Aging (NIA) and the Alzheimer’s Association to investigate interventions for spousal and nursing home caregivers designed to improve the quality and quantity of communicative interactions with residents with dementia, to evaluate memory aids and interventions for persons with dementia and traumatic brain injury, and to develop training programs for institutional caregivers.  A clinical researcher, Dr. Bourgeois has published numerous research articles, training manuals and CDs, and books.   She was the recipient of the 2007 Barry Reisberg Award for Non-Pharmacologic Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice.

Disclosure: This presenter has no relevant financial or nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

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