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Course # 3804
Literacy Instruction for Children with Autism

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This is a student course.

Course Abstract

Children with autism are frequently excluded from literacy instruction due to inaccurate assumptions about their competency. This presentation will discuss important skills and strategies to address early literacy, phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics, sight word recognition, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and written language.
This course was recorded on April 20, 2010


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to describe two early literacy skills to develop in children with autism.
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to describe two activities to promote phonics knowledge in children with autism.
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to explain the connection between reading fluency and comprehension in children with autism.
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to describe two activities to address written language development in children with autism.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes Introduction to Literacy and Need for Literacy Instruction
5-15 Minutes Early literacy skills; Phonological Awareness
15-20 Minutes Phonics
20-30 Minutes Sight word recognition
30-40 Minutes Reading fluency and comprehension
40-45 Minutes Written language
45-55 Minutes Summary of literacy instruction techniques
55-60 Minutes Conclusion and Q&A

Average Rating

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Most Recent Comments

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Review by: Sally on April 4, 2013
She gave so much great information, along with video examples.
Review by: Mary on March 31, 2013
Very interesting
Review by: Susan on February 26, 2013
video clips of therapy
Review by: Kristina on February 23, 2013
Love Tina Veale. She is very knowledgeable in the area of autism and language. This presentation was great and gave me great ideas to use with my kids with autism. Will absolutely refer to this course in the future. Loved the real life client therapy videos!!
Review by: Valerie on February 12, 2013
The content and examples/strategies provided are common and appropriate to the daily situations encountered in my workplace.
Review by: Deandra on February 4, 2013
This presentation was extraordinarily organized. I enjoyed and learned from the videos and especially enjoyed how powerpoint terms were defined for the listener by the instructor. Great Presentation!
Review by: Hollie on February 2, 2013
I enjoyed the the video clips. Very helpful with my new job at the school system.
Review by: Samantha on January 27, 2013
I really enjoyed the videos showing practical applications of the areas being discussed.
Review by: Linda on January 5, 2013
Clear descriptions and the videos
Review by: Jillian on January 3, 2013
liked all the EBP. Easy-to-follow
Review by: Bridget on December 28, 2012
Great material.
Review by: Patricia on December 21, 2012
It was relevant to what I do daily, and was presented in a clear, organized manner. I especially appreciated the videos of therapy sessions--so helpful to see the subtle ways the child was helped to experience success.
Review by: Jane on December 9, 2012
clear & concise
Review by: Rachel on December 9, 2012
Great examples of instruction for each component of literacy. Course information easily transferable into current practice.
Review by: Kristin on December 7, 2012
Videos of actual therapy sessions
Review by: Mary on December 7, 2012
I liked the videos of the techniques being used with a student.
Review by: Heather on December 5, 2012
Well organized and clearly explained the points being made.
Review by: Michele on November 20, 2012
The instructor's clear communication stle; the content and the level of information presented.
Review by: Amy on November 17, 2012
organized and well presented
Review by: Analee on October 22, 2012
the organization of the presentation
Review by: Cindy on October 8, 2012
Interesting techniques to use with ASD children.
Review by: Krista on September 10, 2012
Very valuable information, especially if in need of review on general literacy skills and levels. The video examples were especially great.
Review by: Karol on August 28, 2012
presentation -organization- videos of therapy
Review by: Betsy on August 27, 2012
Organized with good visuals. Nice to have videos to demonstrate technique(s). Speaker used good speech rate during presentation.
Review by: Emily on August 9, 2012
The material was laid out wonderfully and the videos really helped to solidify the information she presented. Great presentation!
Review by: AMALIA on August 6, 2012
because gave more real and practice knowledge about literacy in 'normal' and autism kids.
Review by: Roberta on July 29, 2012
Veale connected "literacy for ASD" with general standards for literacy, emphasizing which areas needed focus within the general curriculum -- this made her suggestions practical for clinicians working in a school setting.
Review by: Margaret on July 18, 2012
I learned a great deal that would apply to a current student.
Review by: Jennifer on July 8, 2012
The videos were very nice, especially because the student was nonverbal. The ideas presented in the videos re: improving reading in a nonverbal student were excellent and can be implemented immediately and easily.
Review by: James on May 26, 2012
Well presented and great information!
Review by: Kilian on May 13, 2012
I loved the video segments demonstrating how to work on targeted skills.
Review by: Lauretta on April 27, 2012
The best part of this course for me was the video taping of therapy, applying the methods and underlying principles taught in this course.
Review by: Monica on April 24, 2012
Enjoyed watching the video's in conjunction with the lecture.
Review by: Nancy on April 23, 2012
appreciate the level of research in the presentation
Review by: Elizabeth on March 8, 2012
Well organized and informative
Review by: Kristin on February 29, 2012
Good Organization!
Review by: Joan on February 29, 2012
the videos were excellent!
Review by: Judith Ellen on February 20, 2012
I liked having videos throughout the presentation.
Review by: Leane on February 6, 2012
This presentation provided excellent practical information on what works and how to implement the information into therapy to improve literacy. Well paced, excellent examples during the presentation. Very worthwhile!
Review by: Rhea on January 23, 2012
Well organized and explained at each point in the presentation.
Review by: Meghan on December 31, 2011
What made this course excellent was Tina using videos to demonstrate instruction ideas.
Review by: Susan on December 29, 2011
detailed steps in creating learning opportunities
Review by: ALLISON J on December 28, 2011
Great videos, nice range of topics covered. Easy to see how to apply ideas in my work. Thank you!
Review by: Louise on December 22, 2011
Vidoe of clinician using therapy techniques.
Review by: Denise on December 12, 2011
Excellent video examples
Review by: Denise on November 29, 2011
great video examples
Review by: Michele on November 20, 2011
It is helpful to see how another therapist is integrating books and literacy into her therapy sessions, and how this approach is interrelated to language development.
Review by: Lacey on November 14, 2011
I love that it had evidence suppoting each literacy goal
Review by: Sarah on November 14, 2011
great info
Review by: Lynn on October 23, 2011
Well organized.
Review by: Claudia on October 23, 2011
Information based on research, video demonstrations for better understanding, practical teaching strategies provided that can be utilized by clinicians.
Review by: Karen on October 5, 2011
The therapy ideas and the video sessions.

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Course Presenter

tina k veale

Tina K. Veale, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Tina K. Veale, Ph.D., CCC-SLP teaches courses at Eastern Illinois University in research methods, child language disorders, neurology, and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Veale owned and operated a private speech-language-hearing clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio for 28 years, and Wee Talk Preschool for children with developmental challenges for 9 years. She has worked as a clinical speech-language pathologist, educational/behavioral consultant, autism consultant, and special educator.

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