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Course # 5414
Improving Social Skills in Children with Psychiatric Disturbances

Monday, July 2, 2012 at 12:00 pm EDT

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CEUs/Hours Offered: ASHA/0.1 Intermediate, Professional; SAC/1.0

Course Abstract

This course is aimed at increasing the participants’ knowledge regarding the role of SLPs in the treatment of social pragmatic language disorders of school-age children with psychiatric impairments. It will review social pragmatic treatment approaches which can be used for children with psychiatric impairments, explain the functions of common challenging behaviors, as well as list a number of proactive behavioral intervention approaches professionals can implement to decrease challenging behaviors and increase compliance and cooperation in therapy sessions.
Disclosure: This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • After this course, participants will be able to identify social pragmatic deficit areas of children with psychiatric impairments.
  • After this course, participants will be able to describe components and targets of successful social skills treatments.
  • After this course, participants will be able to list common challenging behavior types and explain proactive behavior strategies used to prevent inappropriate behaviors from occurring.
  • After this course, participants will be able to describe social pragmatic treatment approaches that can be used for children with psychiatric impairments.
  • After this course, participants will be able to identify materials that can be used to address relevant social pragmatic treatment goals.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes Overview of social skills impairments in children with psychiatric diagnoses
5-15 Minutes Social skills components and intervention targets
15-25 Minutes Behavior functions and management strategies
25-45 Minutes Social skills intervention approaches
45-55 Minutes useful therapy materials targeting various social pragmatic areas
55-60 Minutes Conclusion; Q & A

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Review by: Leisa on July 9, 2012
I enjoyed this class because I don't often receive enough training in this area. I also enjoyed the speaker's accent...It was fun to listen to. I thought she was very smart and the class provoked deep thinking regarding my students' needs.
Review by: Jackie on July 9, 2012
Clear explanations and examples, loved the handouts and suggestions.
Review by: Lisa on July 8, 2012
A superb presentation loaded with helpful information! The presenter was very organized and provided practical information regarding the population, social skills, therapy approaches and specific materials she has found useful.
Review by: Kimberlee on July 5, 2012
Specific advertisements for her favorite people who have products to sell.
Review by: Jessica on July 5, 2012
Very organized, positive attitude by instructor.
Review by: Wendy on July 5, 2012
I appreciated the number of actual material suggestions that were given.
Review by: Susan on July 4, 2012
Lots of good information about prevelence of social skills problems. I hadn't realize that conduct disorder was considered a psychiatric disorder, but then the emphsis is on treatment not diagnosis. Lots of great therapy tools suggested. I like the way she described how to evaluate the person before you actually start treatment.
Review by: Yng Ai Tracy on July 4, 2012
The speaker provided good resources to work with students with psychiatric disturbances, and many references to current research studies, which are helpful.
Review by: Meredith on July 3, 2012
Very applicable to my setting.
Review by: Julie on July 2, 2012
Good review of strategies.
Review by: Dee Anne on July 2, 2012
It was very organized and easy to follow. She was incredibly informative and provided abundant resources!
Review by: Marisa on July 2, 2012
Extremely clear handout and great resource recommendations for therapy.
Review by: Laurie on July 2, 2012
well organized, gave a few examples of what presenter actually has used herself and/or put into practice
Review by: Jaime on July 2, 2012
Good info...wish it would have been more specific to certain populations (ADHD)
Review by: Lorraine on July 2, 2012
Well organized and informative.
Review by: Martha on July 2, 2012
I appreciated her thoroughness in taking us from theory to therapy to materials and resources.
Review by: KATHERINE on July 2, 2012
practical/fuctional information to use in therapy
Review by: Diana on July 2, 2012
The information was given in a logical sequential order with data and some materials to use during therapy.
Review by: Dawn on July 2, 2012
Her power point was clear and she was easy to listen to. I appreciated the corresponding resources very much.
Review by: Wendy on July 2, 2012
Information was well organized and clearly presented
Review by: Elizabeth on July 2, 2012
good content and presentation
Review by: Susanne on July 2, 2012
The course content and presentation were informative, concise, and well organized.

Course Information

The Event has already taken place, you may no longer register.

Course Presenter

tatyana elleseff

Tatyana Elleseff, M.A., CCC-SLP


Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP is a bilingual speech language pathologist who specializes in working with multicultural, internationally and domestically adopted as well as at-risk children with complex communication disorders. She received her MA from NYU, her Bilingual Extension Certification from Columbia University as well as several ACE awards for continuing education from ASHA. She is a member of NY and NJ, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) multidisciplinary teams, the aim of which is to provide specialized services including speech language assessment and intervention to children identified or presenting with features of FASD.  Tatyana’s articles have been published in several magazines including Adoption Today, Adoption Australia, and Advance for Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists. In addition to previously presenting on Speechpathology.com, Tatyana has presented for a number of medical, academic and non-profit organizations including New York University, New Jersey Speech Language and Hearing Convention, American Academy of Pediatrics: Council on Foster Care, Adoption and Kinship , New Jersey Taskforce on Child Abuse and Neglect as well as North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC). 

Disclosure: This presenter has no relevant financial or nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

Continuing Education Information

CEUs/Hours Offered: ASHA/0.1 Intermediate, Professional; SAC/1.0

Time will be allowed for interaction between the participants and the presenter.

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Passing an online exam will be required to earn continuing education credit, where applicable.

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American Speech-Language-Hearing Assn.

This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional Area)

Speech-Language and Audiology Canada

Clinically certified members of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) can accumulate continuing education equivalents (CEEs) for their participation with SpeechPathology.com. One hour of coursework equals 1 CEE. All SAC members are encouraged to participate in on-going education.

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