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Counseling Around the Edges

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CEUs/Hours Offered: ASHA/0.1 Intermediate, Professional; Kansas DHE, LTS-S1370/1.0; SAC/1.0

Course Abstract

The goal is to discuss the importance of communication counseling in adult neurogenic communication disorders, and to describe ways that it can be relatively seamlessly fitted in to ongoing one-to-one aphasia treatment.
Disclosure: This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • After this course, participants will be able to describe a counseling framework for the typical clinic sessions.
  • After this course, participants will be able to describe how to apply brief, focused, appropriate counseling to their clinical interventions.
  • After this course, participants will be able to describe ways that simple counseling can be used in groups.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes Introduction and Overview
5-50 Minutes Background and description of the counseling approach
50-55 Minutes Evidence-based research
55-60 Minutes Conclusion; Q&A

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Review by: Michelle on March 31, 2015
gave basic information
Review by: Anita on March 31, 2015
content a
Review by: Kinsey on March 31, 2015
The author nicely organized this presentation and was more conversational in her review of the material, thus making it easier to read.
Review by: jean collette on March 29, 2015
Review by: Paula on March 24, 2015
The information was clear and valuable
Review by: simone on March 24, 2015
It is an important or clinicians to communicate with their client and their families.
Review by: Callie on March 20, 2015
well put together
Review by: Jennifer on March 17, 2015
Review by: Shalynn on March 17, 2015
Very important and always needed topic.
Review by: Danae on March 11, 2015
good examples
Review by: Aileen on March 10, 2015
The examples helped me understand ways that I can apply good listening skills in my sessions with clients.
Review by: Francesca on March 1, 2015
I learned many new concepts that I can apply to my therapies on Monday morning. What was best about this course, however, is that it confirmed that a lot of what I have instinctively been doing over the years has been correct. Showing kindness and compassion to my clients has not been a waste of therapy time after all!
Review by: Kimberly on February 28, 2015
This is a great starting off point for counseling.
Review by: Christine on February 18, 2015
Practical ways to learn more about counseling
Review by: Robin on February 17, 2015
Expressed expertise on an area in slp that is not fatten overlooked in training
Review by: Denise on February 16, 2015
Very interesting ideas.
Review by: Natalya on February 7, 2015
Good guide
Review by: sharon on February 6, 2015
Review by: Shelly on February 2, 2015
Helpful information to address counseling concerns
Review by: Lindsay on January 30, 2015
examples of how to become a better counselor in your practice
Review by: susan on January 29, 2015
I am an SLP and also an LCSW. I relate strongly to this article and fully understand the benefits and rewards of having a dual Masters in providing needed services to those with communication disorders.
Review by: Kara on January 25, 2015
Nice information for complicated situations.
Review by: Lena on January 23, 2015
The examples provided supported the content presented, making it easier to understand and more applicable to real life.
Review by: Carissa on January 22, 2015
Great emphasis on counseling skills and strategies!
Review by: Amy on January 21, 2015
It was presented in a non-intimidating manner. The instruction was very practical.
Review by: Phillip on January 20, 2015
Very informative
Review by: mary on January 19, 2015
well presented with good examples
Review by: sharon on January 11, 2015
Review by: Lesa on January 11, 2015
Learned a lor
Review by: Cathryn on January 9, 2015
Examples of slp counseling
Review by: Nicole on January 7, 2015
The therapeutic construct of counseling as it relates to speech language pathology.
Review by: cynthia on December 31, 2014
I appreciated the passion that this presenter had for the course topic. I can tell she captures the 'counseling moment' every chance she gets!
Review by: amy on December 31, 2014
Review by: Katherine on December 31, 2014
Review by: meridith on December 31, 2014
the content/subject matter
Review by: Theresa on December 30, 2014
Seminar content of this kind makes me a more informed, caring individual who is an SLP. Then I know I am always ready to approach clients and families with support as well as skill.
Review by: Marlow on December 30, 2014
Great to see in a presentation. We often do this automatically but this reinforces our practice.
Review by: Kerma on December 30, 2014
The subject is one that I have applied as a therapist and am very glad to see it supported in the literature.
Review by: Kerma on December 30, 2014
The subject is one that I have applied as a therapist and am very glad to see it supported in the literature.
Review by: Mary Kate on December 30, 2014
Counseling is an important aspect of therapy and this course teaches how to implement within a therapy session well.
Review by: Angela on December 30, 2014
I appreciated the information-recognition of accepting personhood. As a practicing therapist the pat 37 years, my experiences were validated with this course.
Review by: Shagufa on December 29, 2014
good information about counseling with
Review by: Nita on December 28, 2014
Something I really hadn't thought about before...
Review by: Sarah on December 28, 2014
Great examples. Appreciate the laid back nature of the discussion.
Review by: Erin on December 28, 2014
Very pertinent information that can be put into practice immediately. Well organized course.
Review by: Donna on December 28, 2014
Good perspective on relating to patient's personal needs/interests
Review by: Sheri on December 27, 2014
The compassion and real way that the presenter approached the topic of family and client
Review by: Kathleen on December 27, 2014
Review by: Elizabeth on December 27, 2014
Relevant examples were given to illustrate and flesh out important points.
Review by: Roanna Truvine on December 24, 2014
This course provides much needed instruction and guidance for persons in our professions. The scenarios, and the ways to improve upon them, were very clear. In my opinion, it helps remind clinicians that clients are people first.
Review by: Gordon on December 23, 2014
A thoughtful well-organized presentation about how we can become change-agents for clients and their families -outstanding!
Review by: Diane on December 23, 2014
Audrey Holland is a clear presenter with an immense amount of information to share. Her experience is beyond compare.
Review by: Rebecca on December 21, 2014
great information
Review by: Karla on December 18, 2014
new information
Review by: Rhonda on December 18, 2014
Relevant information in regards to incorporating counseling
Review by: Joyce on December 17, 2014
It was excellent information that I was already practicing just knowing I was doing the right thing
Review by: Jennifer on December 17, 2014
Review by: Martha on December 16, 2014
I think counseling is so important, especially, listening.
Review by: Carol on December 15, 2014
Review by: Amanda on December 12, 2014
Presenter was very thorough and content was clear.
Review by: Anna on December 11, 2014
Great real life examples
Review by: Monica on December 10, 2014
Good resources for more skills
Review by: Brenna on December 9, 2014
Great discussion on what is usually not addressed .
Review by: Alisha on December 9, 2014
great explanations of the counseling method
Review by: Anna on December 8, 2014
practical, applicable information
Review by: Judith on December 7, 2014
Excellent topic. Counselling is so important in our field and often forgotten.
Review by: Jackie on December 7, 2014
Great information in an area that I do not have much information or experience in. This was a great first step.
Review by: Terri on December 7, 2014
Pertinent examples
Review by: Sherry on December 4, 2014
Good content
Review by: Betsy on December 2, 2014
Reaffirmed many beliefs of who I am and the critical value of interpersonal communication!
Review by: Stacy on December 1, 2014
Increased awareness of need for counseling in all settings that pertain to the SLP.
Review by: Nancy on December 1, 2014
This course was informative and well organized.
Review by: Jacquelyn on November 30, 2014
Good examples
Review by: Melinda on November 30, 2014
Counseling can be an integral part of what we do as SLPs and this was a great reminder of that.
Review by: A. Sharon on November 29, 2014
Being reminded of how important counseling background is for the SLP, and how important the family of the client is - getting them to "buy-in."
Review by: Norma on November 29, 2014
It is so important to place relating to clients as more important than most anything else. Without this nothing else works.
Review by: Susan on November 29, 2014
counseling resources
Review by: Marcia on November 25, 2014
Actually, I'm an SLP & a licensed mental health practitioner. This was an excellent course in content, expertise of presenter, and organization so info is easy to access. High quality stuff.
Review by: Jessica on November 24, 2014
Review by: Celeste on November 20, 2014
very organised and well planned with good examples
Review by: Fran on November 19, 2014
It was given over in basic terms and was easily understood
Review by: Mari on November 18, 2014
Excellent content, well thought-out
Review by: Mildred on November 17, 2014
Excellent description of the value of empathic listening, knowing when to move in and when to wait; and how these skills augment the speech-language therapy process.
Review by: Erika on November 15, 2014
good content-good examples of clinical interactions
Review by: Therese on November 14, 2014
I think it is very important subject matter
Review by: Meghan on November 13, 2014
It was a great reminder to keep therapy person-centered.
Review by: Carol on November 11, 2014
It provided me with more strategies and ideas that I can integrate into my teaching program, including parents.
Review by: Traci on November 7, 2014
It was very informative
Review by: Michael on October 29, 2014
Breadth of information covered.
Review by: Jacklyn on October 26, 2014
I will be able to use these concepts through-out my caseload.
Review by: Mae on October 23, 2014
Good points but not new points.
Review by: Nancy on October 15, 2014
Counseling is frequently overlooked as an important part of the speech therapy process and I felt this presenter stressed the importance of viewing the client in a more holistic way and not just someone that we are treating for a communication issue.
Review by: Rosemary on October 15, 2014
Nice overview of the importance of counseling role in SPL work with clients and their families.
Review by: elizabeth on October 7, 2014
Review by: Melissa on October 7, 2014
Counseling courses are always needed
Review by: Debbie on October 2, 2014
Provided information on a topic that I was unfamiliar with in my scope of practice.
Review by: Leah on October 1, 2014
This really taught me a lot about how to respond and listening especially when conveying a message about severity or progress.
Review by: Melanie on October 1, 2014
the content
Review by: Elinor on September 26, 2014
common sense approach
Review by: Jessica on September 26, 2014

Course Information

This is a Text course published on June 6, 2012 which you can save and print.

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Course Presenter

audrey holland

Audrey Holland, Ph.D.

Audrey Holland has had a long and productive career working with people with neurogenic communication disorders and developing innovative treatment techniques in aphasia.  She also has conducted research aimed both at increasing the understanding of aphasia and related disorders, and in evaluating the efficacy of treatment.

Disclosure: This presenter has no relevant financial or nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

Continuing Education Information

CEUs/Hours Offered: ASHA/0.1 Intermediate, Professional; Kansas DHE, LTS-S1370/1.0; SAC/1.0

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