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Speech-Language Pathology Jobs in Portland, Oregon

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Speech Pathology Jobs Outlook for Portland, OR

The City of Roses, aka Portland, OR could be the location of your dream speech pathology jobs. With its strong economy and low unemployment rate, the city is in need of healthcare professionals like you, to fill its numerous speech therapy jobs. The clean, carefully planned city of Portland is a leader in the healthcare industry and as a speech language pathology jobs seeker; you wouldn’t be searching for long! In fact, you would fit right in among Portland’s highly educated, young and ambitious population. If you are thinking about relocating to the northwest for speech pathology jobs, give this city some serious consideration.

The Pearl District

On time off from speech pathology jobs, many healthcare professionals enjoy exploring The Pearl District. An erstwhile industrial section of Portland, the Pearl District has been renovated and is now comprised of trendy, upscale lofts, chic and artsy dining establishments. Speaking of artsy, this area of Portland boasts a thriving art scene with a plethora of galleries through which speech language pathology jobs seekers may peruse. The Pearl District is also quite a popular location for those in search of speech therapy jobs to dwell. There is much to see and do here, and it’s centrally located which makes it easy to get around for speech language pathology jobs seekers.

Lan Su Gardens: From Acupuncture to Zen

After the rigors of interviewing for speech pathology jobs, enjoy the serene and blissful Lan Su Botanical Gardens. This New Age experience harks back to a Chinese tradition of 2 millennia that fuses art, structural design and the biosphere to create a world of harmony. As speech language pathology jobs candidates enter Lan Su, they get a sense of traveling back in time while experiencing the essence of the Chinese philosophy. Inspirational pursuits include guided tours, exotic Chinese tea sampling, Mahjongg, art exhibits, acupuncture Tai Chi martial arts, concerts, calligraphy and a series of rotating, comprehensive lectures. Lan Su is the perfect place for speech pathology jobs employees to stay grounded and indulge in some necessary self-care.

Portland’s Secret Underground

Snaking beneath the streets of Portland’s Old Town, speech therapy jobs workers discover a network of subterranean passageways through which the unthinkable became sad reality. During the early 1860s, before speech pathology jobs were available, ruthless individuals preyed upon easy targets of drunken men and unescorted women: kidnapping and selling them into slavery or prostitution. As some speech therapy jobs seekers may discern, this practice was known as shanghaiing. While exploring the "Portland Underground," those seeking speech language pathology jobs will happen upon trap doors, distinctive structural design, harshly constructed holding quarters, and chilling artifacts that speak toward this appalling, erroneous forced labor methodology.

Velvet Art—Not Just for Elvis Anymore

It is likely that the majority of speech pathology jobs seekers view Velvet art as tacky, laughable and not exactly, “art.” One certainly would not expect to see an entire art gallery filled with the stuff. However, the Velveteria Museum in Portland is on a mission to change the way speech therapy jobs workers and the rest of the world, views this art form. Yes, once only seen at flea markets and roadside stands, here, velvet paintings are regarded as the highest echelon of artistic expression. Boasting over 2,800 pieces gathered from estate sales, garage sales, antique malls and the internet the Velveteria might just change the minds of speech pathology jobs interviewers and others, too.

Speech Language Pathology Jobs Workers Chill

When vacation time rolls around for speech therapy jobs employees, Sauvie Island is an ideal getaway destination. Once known as Wappatoo Island, this little piece of paradise is a short drive from Portland’s downtown. Here, those on hiatus from their speech language pathology jobs can enjoy down time with their families. Kayaking, hiking, cycling and picnicking beneath a century-old oak tree are some of the activities in which to partake. There are also farms where visitors are welcome to wander about the fields and pick fresh berries. During the summer months, free concerts are popular activities for tourists and speech therapy jobs seekers, while in the autumn months a crunchy corn maze and a cheerful pumpkin patch are huge draws.

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