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CaptionCall’s captioning phone and service for people with hearing loss

January 30, 2020

Experience important phone calls in a more accurate and satisfying way. CaptionCall helps people use the phone with confidence and is available to anyone who has hearing loss and needs captions to use...

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Learn More About CaptionCall

January 30, 2020

Learn more about how CaptionCall works and those who support the CaptionCall phones and Service. Meet some of the CaptionCall employees and customers

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Lou talks about his hearing loss journey

January 30, 2020

Lou talks about his hearing loss journey. He discusses the causes of his hearing loss and devices such as loops and the CaptionCall captioned telephone which help him better understand the conversatio...

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Shirley talks about the challenges of her hearing loss

January 30, 2020

Shirley discusses her hearing loss and how it affected her life, specifically her relationship with her children and grandchildren. She discussed how CaptionCall enabled her to share experiences again...

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How to stay connected and productive in an aging world, by Kelly Tremblay PhD

Learn how to stay connected and productive in an aging world through this whitepaper by Kelly Tremblay PhD