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The six sides of our success story

Purpose. Innovation. Collaboration. Experience. Journey. Synergy.

Or, how one audiologist and her entrepreneurial husband envisioned the future of continuing education, challenged the outdated classroom model, and pioneered an unprecedented online platform for working professionals.

Our story is as much about you as it is about us. Our sense is that as practicing professionals, you're keen to tap into learning opportunities that help you grow personally and professionally. You understand that when it comes to your professional development, it's not just about continuing education. It's also about pursuing a purpose. Seeking innovative and convenient ways to learn. Collaborating with colleagues. Enjoying the journey.

1/6 purpose

In the 1990s, our founders, Aimee and Bill LaCalle couldn't help but notice the unprecedented pace of technological advances impacting the education field.

Aimee and Bill's sense of purpose and passion spurred them to challenge the constraints of the traditional classroom environment.

Aimee, a clinical
audiologist, saw first
hand what was needed


Expanded our online
offerings to three
more professions

2/6 innovation

Innovators in the field of e-learning, we were also pioneers in establishing a 100% virtual workplace. No bricks & mortar. No cubicles. No water cooler.
Where does the mail get delivered?

One-by-one we added team members from around the country who rose to the challenge.

Our intention?
To create a unique
and dynamic family

We love our annual
company meetings

The best news?
Still familial 18 years later
and a respected industry leader

"my mom's a doctor but not a real one. they pay her to stay at home and talk on the phone all day."

- son of continued COO Stacy Williams at five years old,
explaining to his kindergarten class what his mom does for a living.

3/6 collaboration

Without geographical constraints, we were free to seek out team members who shared what we call our common DNA.

What's our common DNA? A willingness to collaborate, high levels of motivation, an appreciation for others, creative thinking and a passion for lifelong learning.

We're a team of
self-professed A-players

We always collaborate
with industry experts

We'd like to invite you
to learn and grow with us

4/6 experience

Our driving purpose for offering an online learning experience that is affordable, convenient and accessible has never changed.

Every day, we focus on supporting you throughout the life of your career.

We're trained practitioners who
support every level of experience

A variety of formats
to meet your needs

5/6 journey

Who could have imagined that the global economy with all its technological advances would allow a virtual company like ours to grow and thrive?
Our journey has clearly been a remarkable one.

We're so glad to have you along with us on the continuing education journey.

We've evolved! Now an online education leader for multiple professions

Our business model suits your
lifestyle & needs

6/6 synergy

It's no wonder the building blocks of our success story – purpose, innovation, collaboration, experience and journey – have resulted in an extraordinary amount of synergy.

The continued® family includes a number of professions. Our sister sites AudiologyOnline, SpeechPathology.com, PhysicalTherapy.com, and OccupationalTherapy.com all happily co-exist under one roof—a roof that continues to expand as we serve a growing number of members in various professional areas.

Our combined strengths offer greater support to your professional growth

Our expanding world of online continuing education came together to create a more expansive and meaningful story. It's called continued because it's what we do and who we are.

Our story, like yours, is clearly continuing.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

Please, pull up a virtual chair and join us on this continued adventure.

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