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Aegis Therapies

Improving the lives of the people we serve through compassion and innovation in healthcare.

A Greek myth tells of the aegis (e-jes), a shield associated with Zeus, the ruler of the Olympian gods. Thought to possess supernatural powers, the aegis' impermeable force of defense eventually brought it to symbolize Zeus' strength, knowledge and leadership. These exact qualities form the foundation Aegis Therapies is built upon.

We earned our reputation through the integrity, passion and commitment of our employees. Our success is driven by the value we create for our customers and our patients. The clinical excellence we achieve is the result of our unique 'outcome driven,' clinically consistent model of care.

From proven clinical capabilities and professional staffing -- to compliance management and exclusive rehabilitative programs -- we fulfill our company's mission: To improve the lives of the people we serve through compassion and innovation in healthcare.

Our unity of experience at Aegis creates a powerful force, carrying forward the attributes of the mythical aegis to customers, residents and the industry, both now and into the future.

New Division - Aegis Acute Rehab

Our newest division, Aegis Acute Rehab, combines years of experience and knowledge in acute rehabilitation—and a true passion for quality—to help acute-care hospitals across the country enhance their clinical and/or operational results.

The Aegis Difference

You want a provider of rehabilitative services better than its peers. You need a solid partner offering the best therapy programs possible. Here are some reasons Aegis fills these needs.

Aegis hires and retains high-quality employees. We hire qualified therapists and retain them at more than 85 percent. This retention results in dependable, consistent relationships between the facility, therapist and patient.

Aegis promotes a Master Clinician program. This means we can use therapists with specific clinical expertise, program development skills and/or specialized training.

Aegis managers have direct access to clinical support. Each local manager has direct access to our corporate Clinical Services Department, providing additional support and resources to ensure the best clinical care.

Aegis is an advocate for our patients and customers. We keep abreast of ever-changing regulatory issues, we assertively pursue the denial/appeal process, and we can indemnify our customers for therapy denials based on medical necessity.

Aegis uses a unique Rehabilitation Outcome Measure (ROM) system. The ROM system quantitatively demonstrates the impact we have on our patients' daily lives in terms of the improvements in function they achieve as a result of treatment.

Aegis has innovative, industry-leading programs in place. These include our older-adult Model of Care, Freedom Through Functionality (FTF), and the Geriatric Enhanced Modalities (GEM) program.