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Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) Articles for SLP CEUs

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Pediatric Processing Disorders: Interdisciplinary Roles and Assessment, presented in partnership with Cincinnati Children's

Martha Coen-Cummings, PhD, CCC-SLP

August 16, 2016

I am going to be sharing with you our experience at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the way in which we approach processing disorders. We are very fortunate in that, in the last five years, we ha...   Read More

Building the Link Among Hearing, Understanding, & Learning

Milene Rogiers

September 29, 2008

Note: This article will be peer-reviewed for ASHA CEUs. If you are interested in receiving ASHA CEUs,...   Read More


Hearing and Listening Are an Underlying Foundation for Learning

Gail Whitelaw, Department of Speech, Linda Daniel, MA, CCC-A

August 25, 2008

IntroductionHearing and listening are the underlying foundation for learning. Anything that...   Read More


The Role of Vowels in the Discrimination Abilities of Bilingual Adults and Children

Sandra Levey, PhD

October 17, 2005

AbstractThe discrimination of English vowel contrasts in real and novel words by 101 bilingual...   Read More


APD, ADD, ADHD and AD/HD: Personal and Scientific Reflections

Katherine A. O'Neill, PhD

March 21, 2005

Introduction:I'm not a stranger to research or behavioral conditions based in physiology....   Read More

Auditory Processing Disorders: Considerations for the Speech-Language Pathologist

Dorothy A. Kelly, CCC-SLP

May 3, 2004

IntroductionAccording to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), central auditory...   Read More

Temporal Processing Deficits in Children with Dyslexia

Deborah Moncrieff, PhD

February 2, 2004

The primary goal of pediatric habilitation among audiologists and speech language pathologists...   Read More


Central Auditory Processing in Clinical Practice

Teri J. Bellis, PhD, Barbara R. Beck, MA

November 10, 2002

This article was originally published on our sister-website, "Audiology Online" (www.audiologyonline.com)...   Read More