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Travel Speech Language Pathologist
Baltimore, MD 21215 US

We need a fantastic Speech Language Pathologist for a terrific Skilled Nursing Facility who will provide therapy evaluations, modalities and treatments as prescribed by a licensed physician in an ef

Travel Speech Language Pathologist Travel Speech Language Pathologist
Travel Speech Language Pathologist

Travel Speech Language Pathologist

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    Geneva Milne
    Hiring Contact
    Date Posted: 2017-02-28

    Travel Speech Language Pathologist

    Baltimore, MD

    Full Time

    February 28th, 2017
    We need a fantastic Speech Language Pathologist for a terrific Skilled Nursing Facility who will provide therapy evaluations, modalities and treatments as prescribed by a licensed physician in an effort to restore function and prevent disability following injury, disease or physical disability. The therapist assists patients to reach their maximum performance and level of functioning while learning to live within the limits of their capabilities. The therapist accurately assesses patients' needs; identifies and initiates appropriate occupational therapy interventions; provides patient and family teaching; and works cooperatively with other patient team personnel in maintaining standards for professional practice and interdisciplinary teamwork.
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    Position Summary/Essential Duties:
    Organizes and conducts Therapy program to facilitate the rehabilitation of people with physical and/or psychosocial disabilities. The Therapist directs the patient’s participation in selected activities/treatments to restore, re-enforce and correct pathology to promote and/or maintain good health.
    Essential duties include:
    1. Performs evaluation(s) and develops an effective treatment plan appropriate to a patient’s rehabilitation needs within the care continuum.
    2. Performs effective treatment techniques in a competent manner.
    3. Educates patient/family/caregiver in applicable health information, treatment and prevention.
    4. Initiates and participates in the discharge planning process.
    5. Performs other department activities such as, but not limited to documentation, billing, support of department operations, etc.
    Supervision Received and Exercised
    Receives minimal supervision from the Manager/Director of Rehabilitation Services
    Job Requirements: Minimum Qualifications
    Knowledge of:
    •Neuromuscular function/dysfunction, sensory motor integration, kinesiology, skeletal anatomy and basic pathology related to orthopedic disabilities;
    •Individual and group therapy techniques commonly used;
    •Educational and medical applications of adaptive equipment;
    •Generally accepted standards of health and sanitation;
    •Policies and objectives of assigned programs and activities;
    •Case management principles;
    •Record keeping practices and procedures;
    •Interpersonal skills using tact, patience, and courtesy;
    •First Aid and CPR procedures.
    Ability to:

    •Develop, plan and implement a therapy program for patients with various disabilities;
    •Assess patients and develop appropriate intervention which includes goals/objectives of Rehabilitation Team;
    •Explain and provide training on therapy and rehabilitative procedures;
    •Provide consultation for families/caregivers and home management of motor, sensory, perceptual and self-care programs;
    •Establish and maintain effective working relationships;
    •Plan and organize work;
    •Work effectively within established time schedules and with minimal direction;
    •Work independently with little direction;
    •Operate a variety of office equipment including computers and all applicable hardware and software, copiers, printers, scanners, telephones, and fax machines;
    •Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
    •Understand and follow both oral and written instructions;
    •Maintain accurate records and prepare reports;
    •Work confidentially with discretion.

    •Appreciates and respects the differences among people;
    •Easily adapts to situations and changes;
    •Effectively manages one’s own time, priorities, and resources;
    •Enables the growth of others;
    •Is punctual and follows through;
    •Stays focused and has a good work ethic;
    •Strives to meet customer’s needs;
    •Works around obstacles and is self-starting.
    We would love to share our story with you and provide you some insight to joining our team of dedicated and talented therapists!
    Please apply to the open role, or send your resume directly to kpollock@therapytravelers.com.
    Thank you!

    Occupation Classification Requirements:

  • Speech-Language Pathologist OR
  • Speech-Language Pathologist (CFY)
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