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Speech Pathology Jobs in Jacksonville Beach, FL

The Jacksonville Beach, Florida community on the Atlantic Coast of Florida is brimming with speech pathology jobs. Together with Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Baldwin, Jacksonville Beach offers SLP job seekers access to pristine, gorgeous beaches. Speech pathology job seekers, in addition to finding an abundance of jobs, can also take part in the numerous beach activities Jacksonville Beach has to offer, such as beach volleyball, surfing, fishing, and outdoor cafes along the coastline. A vibrant surf community has risen in this small town because the area has some of the best waves in Florida.

Speech Pathologists and the Stumpknocker Tour in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Looking for jobs in speech pathology in Jacksonville Beach if you want your friends to visit you. They’ll be drawn to the city if only to take the Stumpknocker tour through the swamps and marshes of the area. The tour takes place on an airboat and winds through the crocodile (and python) infested waters. Speech pathologists should be careful not to fall off the boat because their clinical skills will not be useful in the murky swamp water. Airboats seat up to eleven people, so you can make your boat a party.

Fishing and Speech Pathology in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Jacksonville Beach, Florida is a fisherman’s paradise, so SLPs looking for jobs should pack up their fishing gear and head to this small coastal town. Speech pathology job seekers can get access to both fresh and saltwater fishing in this tiny town. The St. Johns and dozens of small creeks are constantly filled with boaters enjoying the great fishing grounds. If you are interested in larger fish, you can head out into the Atlantic and angle for some tarpon, kingfish, dolphin, bonita, and sailfish. Speech pathology jobs are on the rise in Jacksonville, and if you are a fisherman (or fisherwoman!), there is really no better place to be than here.

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