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Course # 5483
Training Bachelor’s Level Speech-Language Pathology Assistants: Lessons Learned

Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 12:00 pm EDT

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Course Abstract

ASHA recently initiated an affiliation program for support personnel in speech-language pathology and audiology, citing as the need for this program, inconsistencies nationally in terms support personnel use and training. This course will provide an overview of current training policies relative to speech-language pathology assistants (SLPAs), including ASHA’s policies and resources on the topic. The presenter will describe a clinical practicum course offered in California for individuals pursuing SLPA registration with a Bachelor’s in Communicative Disorders, including important lessons learned from this course and the results of two recent studies conducted on the topic.
Disclosure: This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • After this course, participants will be able to describe current ASHA policies relative to the training of speech-language pathology assistants(SLPAs).
  • After this course, participants will be able to describe ASHA’s recently adopted affiliation program for support personnel in speech-language pathology and audiology.
  • After this course, participants will be able to list 2-3 examples of inconsistencies between ASHA standards and those evident in various state licensing requirements.
  • After this course, participants will be able to describe key components of a clinical practicum course.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes Introduction
5-10 Minutes Overview of CA licensure requirements and relevant demographics, including results of a recent study conducted on California SLPAs in terms of employment, training, and supervision trends
10-15 Minutes Overview of ASHA’s relevant policies and resources
15-20 Minutes Description of ASHA’s recently adopted affiliation program for support personnel in speech-language pathology and audiology
20-40 Minutes Description of a SLPA clinical practicum course developed for Bachelor’s level students, including the results of a study on course outcomes and training recommendations
40-55 Minutes Suggestions for future directions in SLPA training
55-55 Minutes Questions and answers

Average Rating

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Most Recent Comments

Review by: Brian on September 20, 2012
For those unfamiliar with the practice of utilizing SLPA's, the initial emphasis on their role and responsibilities was very helpful. It would be helpful to know the content of their education, particularly at the associates level.
Review by: Minnie S. on September 14, 2012
Speaker knowledge of and experience with topic. Clear PowerPoint. Highly structured presentation--told us what she was going to cover, covered it, and summarized! Terrific!
Review by: Loretta on September 13, 2012
very clear concise presentation of the topic
Review by: Louise on September 13, 2012
Course presenter really held my interest.
Review by: SALLY on September 13, 2012
Very clearly presented. The speaker was articulate and kept my interest even though this course does not really apply to me. As well, the exam was not nebulous and confusing, which I have found to be true for some presenters in the past.
Review by: Rebecca on September 13, 2012
Great speaker, extremely knowledgeable on the topic at hand.
Review by: Sandra on September 13, 2012
new information, i didnt know there was a difference in an assistant and an aide. Good to know asha's position on them and how to use them.
Review by: Michelle on September 13, 2012
Good information. Test questions were covered during the lecture.
Review by: amy on September 13, 2012
clear, informative and well presented.

Course Information

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Course Presenter

jennifer ostergren

Jennifer Ostergren, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

Dr. Ostergren is an Assistant Professor and Graduate Advisor at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).  Her areas of specialization are assistive technology, neurologic language and cognitive disorders, and professional practice issues.  She has published and presented in the areas of supervision and the training and use of speech-language pathology assistants (SLPAs).  For the past several years she has taught a course at CSULB for Bachelor’s level students interested in obtaining registration as an SLPA in the state of California.  Dr. Ostergren is the recipient of the 2012 NSSHLA Editor’s Choice Award for two articles published on the topic of speech-language pathology assistants.

Disclosure: This presenter has no relevant financial or nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

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