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Professional Ethics in a Changing Professional Landscape

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CEUs/Hours Offered: AG Bell - LSLS/1.0 Domain 7, CE-SPC-13-065; ASHA/0.1 Introductory, Related; Kansas DHE, LTS-S1370/1.0; SAC/1.0

Course Abstract

Professionals must maintain a consistent ethical framework in an ever-changing work environment. Understanding our ethical responsibility to our profession, our patients, our colleagues, and the public is essential as we face the demands of employers, regulatory bodies, and payors.
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This course was recorded on July 31, 2012


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • After this course, participants will be able to list the characteristics of a self-monitoring profession.
  • After this course, participants will be able to describe a framework for ethical decision making when given ethical dilemmas.
  • After this course, participants will be able to list the inherent values in a professional code of ethics and apply them.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes Overview
5-20 Minutes Responsibilities and characteristics of professions and professionals
20-35 Minutes Values underlying ethical principles; sources for decisions
35-45 Minutes A framework for making ethical decisions
45-55 Minutes Challenges to ethical decision making in our current work environment
55-60 Minutes Summary, Q&A

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Review by: Alizma on February 23, 2015
The presenter gave you a refresher of code of ethics that is a benificial refresher on the rights and wrong of this profession
Review by: Heather on February 1, 2015
Good info
Review by: Reba on January 30, 2015
ethics in the workplace
Review by: Natalie on January 29, 2015
I really enjoyed how easy she was to listen to and the fact that she was very knowledgeable of the area. She stated the facts and didn't make you feel like a bad SLP for not always agreeing etc with other professionals.
Review by: Andrea on January 18, 2015
The information that it informed you about in the work place.
Review by: Elizabeth on January 5, 2015
easy to understand and good explanation of information
Review by: Estrella on January 2, 2015
Topics are relatable in my field of practice.
Review by: Caroline on December 28, 2014
Excellent examples and reminders of ethical duties given corporate demands.
Review by: Stasia on December 27, 2014
Direct quotes and data to support information.
Review by: Jacqueline on December 21, 2014
The course was a great ethic's read and easy to follow along to with the audio recording.
Review by: Marguerita on December 21, 2014
The course stated the facts about Professionalism.
Review by: Suzanne on December 14, 2014
She broke down the information so it was easy to understand and almost logical.
Review by: Elizabeth on November 2, 2014
A framework for ethical decision making is very good.
Review by: Megan on October 27, 2014
The information was very basic and general but good and informative overall.
Review by: Bethany on October 26, 2014
The presenter was very clear and did a good job!
Review by: Karen on October 20, 2014
Review by: Leigh Ann on October 12, 2014
Well organized. Good examples. Meaningful quotes
Review by: Patricia on October 3, 2014
clear and concise
Review by: Traci on September 27, 2014
Very good points and take-away thoughts
Review by: Jill on September 12, 2014
Provided real word examples
Review by: Sara on September 8, 2014
Easy to understand. Pertained to my current work situation.
Review by: Martha on September 6, 2014
I liked the real world examples that she used throughout.
Review by: Robin on August 21, 2014
Good quotes
Review by: Delores on August 21, 2014
The presenter provided a lot of information on ethics - which needs to be considered in our profession.
Review by: Deborah on August 3, 2014
good presenter, easy to follow, practical information
Review by: Gina on July 28, 2014
Easy to follow, organized material
Review by: Tricia on July 26, 2014
I found the information to be very useful.
Review by: Sally on July 23, 2014
Stressed the importance of doing good and the respect and dignity of the client.
Review by: Patricia on July 3, 2014
Information important for me in my practice
Review by: Gary on June 14, 2014
The information provided was equally important for those individuals who are new to the profession and those individuals who have been in the profession, for some time, and appreciate periodic reviews of our Code of Ethics.
Review by: Betty on May 12, 2014
Excellent course content presented in an organized manner. Excellent speaker.
Review by: Marilyn on April 30, 2014
Review by: sara on February 28, 2014
Clearly presented information that is highly relevant to the field.
Review by: Ashleigh on December 26, 2013
Very explanatory
Review by: Kelleigh on December 2, 2013
Good Info
Review by: Jeanne on November 30, 2013
Solid refresher in ethics
Review by: Emily on October 27, 2013
very easy to understand
Review by: Ashley on October 27, 2013
Her speaking voice keeps you interested; she was straight-forward and to the point. She gave real-life examples that "made sense" with the material presented.
Review by: Constance on October 23, 2013
It was well-organized, and the presenter presented a lot of material in a short amount of time.
Review by: Kendra on October 19, 2013
Review by: Sheila on October 10, 2013
Very good speaker. She held my attention.
Review by: Tara on September 24, 2013
Clearly delivered information
Review by: Katricia on September 22, 2013
The speaker was well prepared and knowledgeable about the subject. The topic is very important to this profession.
Review by: Harrison on September 20, 2013
Review by: Trinetta on September 9, 2013
Objectives were clear and adhered to on handout.
Review by: Sonia on September 4, 2013
Very informative...good examples
Review by: Galite on August 19, 2013
Expertise of the speaker in the area
Review by: Haley on August 19, 2013
information presented.
Review by: Catherine on August 3, 2013
Concise information and bringing in APA and AMA
Review by: Israel on July 24, 2013
The knowledge and accurate information provided in the course itself.
Review by: Katherine on June 17, 2013
For the amount of time allowed, thorough discussion of the whys and hows of ethical decision making
Review by: Melanie on June 10, 2013
Very good coverage of a critically important topic. Professionally done. Interesting.
Review by: Meghan on June 3, 2013
Practical advice
Review by: Amy on May 4, 2013
Excellent presentation of information on the importance of ethics in daily practice.
Review by: Rick on May 3, 2013
Execellent guidance on extremely important decisions which are made everyday
Review by: Mia on April 1, 2013
The presenter clearly has a wealth of knowledge and her presentation was easy to follow.
Review by: Laura on March 10, 2013
A good framework for which to advocate for myself and my responsibilities as a professional to employers
Review by: Megan on February 28, 2013
good info
Review by: Jennifer on February 5, 2013
Well organized and I appreciate the references to other professions.
Review by: Deandra on February 2, 2013
Enjoyed the quotes
Review by: Julia on January 2, 2013
Concise and easy to follow presenter
Review by: Debra on December 27, 2012
Information presented was thought-provoking
Review by: Mary on December 19, 2012
Provided excellent clarification of how to respond to ethical dillemas.
Review by: Barbara on December 17, 2012
Gave good examples and helped better define the boundaries of ethical clinical behavior
Review by: pamela on December 9, 2012
straightforward information; good examples
Review by: Renee on December 2, 2012
The presenter
Review by: Mary Angela on December 1, 2012
The subject matter, the speaker and style of delivery.
Review by: Stephanie on December 1, 2012
Ethics is so important yet seems to be trumped, in most settings, by employer demands! I think employers of SLPs should have to take these courses in order to hire SLPs.
Review by: Maia on November 29, 2012
it helped me view my profession in a different light.
Review by: Michael on November 29, 2012
She is an excellent speaker. This information seemed to roll right off her tongue. She was very well versed.
Review by: Virginia on November 27, 2012
It was much more than the typical, droll, repetitive excursis on the code of ethics. It was a discussion that related ethical standards to very real everyday problems. It seemed like the speaker was less concerned with "obey these rules" and more interested in encouraging her listeners to THINK. I admire that greatly!
Review by: Kathryn on November 27, 2012
Great speaker. Addressed situations such as employer demands and competence. Entire course was a great refresher.
Review by: Leah on November 25, 2012
It was helpful to examine how our ethics are related to the ethics in other professions.
Review by: Jessica on November 20, 2012
organized, easy to follow
Review by: Patricia on November 18, 2012
organization of material; current resources
Review by: Jane on November 17, 2012
clear & concise
Review by: Robin on November 16, 2012
Knowledgeable presenter with real life examples that apply to practice in the profession.
Review by: Robert on November 10, 2012
Easy to follow along
Review by: Mary on November 8, 2012
Great information
Review by: Angela on November 6, 2012
Easy to follow and apply the concepts.
Review by: Rebecca on November 5, 2012
good content. nice framework.
Review by: Marylou on November 4, 2012
The thorough coverage of the topic.
Review by: sharrid on November 2, 2012
Review by: BARBARA on November 1, 2012
Sue Hale was able to convey thei iportance of teh word professionalism and link it to ethics In this age of acountability she brought this iportant topic to life for me as a veteran practioner
Review by: sandhya on October 31, 2012
Great content.
Review by: Anais on October 30, 2012
Good overview of ethics.
Review by: Art on October 30, 2012
It addressed the ethical dilemna faced by SLPs when pressured by employers for maximizing treatment time and putting on the caseload as many residents as possible in long term care facilities.
Review by: Amber on October 29, 2012
First of all, the presenter was an undergraduate instructor of mine at Ole Miss. Second, the course was a good review of information that we should keep in the front of our minds. And lastly, the course provided pointers on how to stand up for ethics against our employers.
Review by: Katherine on October 25, 2012
Concepts were described well and the example situations were very helpful also.
Review by: Rivka on October 24, 2012
Review by: Linette on October 21, 2012
slide show handout
Review by: Leslie on October 20, 2012
Information was provided thoughtfully and respectfully.
Review by: Earlene on October 20, 2012
Laid out detailed intro to ethics and approaches to ethics in speech pathology as well as real world ethical dilemmas encountered.
Review by: Sanda on October 17, 2012
Clear, concise, and inspiring.
Review by: Roxanne on October 9, 2012
Fulfilled my ethics hour.
Review by: Patricia on October 1, 2012
Outstanding presenter. Filled in with additonal information to the handouts. Well organized and very current material.
Review by: Cathy on September 29, 2012
Presenter was organized and stayed on topic. She made the course matter interesting and relevant.
Review by: Darlene on September 23, 2012
Good handouts
Review by: sandy on September 20, 2012
The examples and explainations of other mentors and professionals
Review by: amy on September 17, 2012

Course Information

This is an audio recording of a Live Webinar.

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Course Presenter

sue t hale

Sue T. Hale, M.C.D., CCC-SLP

Sue Hale is Director of Clinical Education and Assistant Professor in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences at Vanderbilt University. An ASHA fellow, she served as President of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in 2009. She had extensive previous service on ASHA councils and committees in the areas of clinical standards and professional ethics. She served as ASHA Vice President for Quality of Service in Speech-Language Pathology from 2002-2004. She teaches and lectures in the areas of professional ethics, counseling, and clinical supervision. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Mississippi.

Disclosure: Financial: No relevant relationships to disclose. Nonfinancial: Has served on various ASHA offices, councils and committees in the areas of clinical standards and professional ethics.

Continuing Education Information

CEUs/Hours Offered: AG Bell - LSLS/1.0 Domain 7, CE-SPC-13-065; ASHA/0.1 Introductory, Related; Kansas DHE, LTS-S1370/1.0; SAC/1.0

Passing an online exam will be required to earn continuing education credit, where applicable.

Please Note: The exam and course evaluation must be completed within 30 days of course registration.

To participate in the course, complete the exam, and earn continuing education credit (where applicable), you must be a CEU Total Access member.

AG Bell - Listening and Spoken Language Credential

This course is offered for 1 hour(s) of CE Credit from the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language. For an explanation of content areas, please view pdf listing all 9 "domains."

American Speech-Language-Hearing Assn.

This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Introductory level, Related Area)

Kansas Dept of Health & Environment

Approved for 1 continuing education clock hour(s) for Kansas licensed Speech Pathologists by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Long-Term Sponsorship number: LTS-S1370.

Speech-Language and Audiology Canada

Clinically certified members of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) can accumulate continuing education equivalents (CEEs) for their participation with SpeechPathology.com. One hour of coursework equals 1 CEE. All SAC members are encouraged to participate in on-going education.

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