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The Impact of a Parent's Traumatic Brain Injury on a Child: What Research Suggests and Ways Speech-Language Pathologists Can Help

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Course Abstract

This text-based course reviews research from a variety of fields pertaining to the ways a parent's traumatic brain injury (TBI) can affect a child's environment, behavior, emotions, and realtionships. It includes suggestions for how Speech-Language Pathologists can involve the child in the rehabilitation process and provide education about TBI and its effects, and provides information about referring children to other professionals when appropriate.


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Readers will be able to describe potential changes in a child's environment which can occur after a parent's TBI
  • Readers will be able to describe emotional, behavioral, and relationships changes that may be evident for a child following a parent's TBI
  • Readers will be able to identify ways an SLP can minimize negative impacts on a child following a parent's TBI

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Review by: Kelly on December 19, 2013
well organized with wonderful resources provided
Review by: Elizabeth on December 17, 2013
The information was concise but comprehensive
Review by: Joyce on December 17, 2013
Very well-organized, easy to read text format with excellent references.
Review by: Susan on December 11, 2013
Although I have worked with TBI patients in teens and early twenties, this course covered material concerning an area in which I have had no experience. I found it quite helpful. Resources were excellent.
Review by: Mary Anne on December 8, 2013
Informative, well-researched, numerous resources for SLPs
Review by: Sandy on December 6, 2013
Clear guidelines on what should be expected from the SLP.
Review by: Kristina on December 3, 2013
A nice presentation of clinically relevant information - sad to think there may be some therapists who would not encourage a child to be part of the rehab team.
Review by: Deanna on November 21, 2013
The resources given were good for future references.
Review by: Constance on October 29, 2013
format was easy to follow, offered an abundance of resources
Review by: Jennifer on October 29, 2013
Relevant to families who have experienced TBI
Review by: Katy on October 15, 2013
Well organized and I really enjoyed all the resources for helping families that were provided. Thank you this is sure to come in handy!
Review by: Paula on October 9, 2013
Helpful information for how to advise and support family members of a TBI patient.
Review by: Cami on September 30, 2013
Gave you proven literature to back up the statements.
Review by: Amy on September 25, 2013
very interesting, relevant, and important topic that I had not given much thought to before
Review by: Kim on September 9, 2013
Great resources & explanationsWork with whole family is often not emphasized but the theme of the article makes an excellent case for serving the whole family.
Review by: Nancy on September 2, 2013
I found it very easy to follow and understand. I like the text because it gives me the opportunity to print out, read at my leisure and then come back and take the test.
Review by: Ann M on August 20, 2013
Many times children are forgotten or minimalized in the process
Review by: karen on June 4, 2013
Really changed my thinking about treatment of a patient with TBI and their family
Review by: Jane on May 8, 2013
It provide information of available resources to help me assist children who has a TBI parent.
Review by: Jennifer on May 7, 2013
It was well organized with lots of great resources!
Review by: Meredith on March 27, 2013
There were a lot of common sense approaches that need to be discussed.
Review by: Jenn on March 11, 2013
Specific resources (I copied and pasted several into a word doc for future reference).
Review by: H. Joseph on January 21, 2013
This course is good, but I just wish there was more information and examples.
Review by: Patricia B. on January 15, 2013
This course deals with an often neglected but important aspect of TBI therapy. It is interesting and well-written.
Review by: Dayna on January 10, 2013
The resources for children and families were great.
Review by: Carol on January 7, 2013
We'll organized and full of up-to-date, interesting, and very helpful information.
Review by: Merrilyn on December 30, 2012
well written, formal scientific language, data presented, no "off topic" personal anecdotes (pseudoscience)
Review by: Theresa on December 29, 2012
Important key factors were highlighted which many may have felt is outside the role of SLP. Excellent list of resources were provided.
Review by: Diedra on December 27, 2012
Strong content support in research and good information about where and how to access more resources and information
Review by: Daniella on December 18, 2012
Easy to follow, straight forward information.
Review by: Jan on November 24, 2012
I had not ever thought about SLP's working with children of TBI parents and their struggles.
Review by: Carey on November 3, 2012
Important to look at this info. The child's reactions to the parents TBI is important in the recovery and the impact on the child is often overlooked. Important and interesting information.
Review by: Rebecca on October 18, 2012
I think it is a topic that isn't commonly thought about--but of course impacts the entire family!
Review by: Matthew on October 18, 2012
considerations of family dynamics will improve pt outcomes
Review by: Wendy on October 18, 2012
Just liked the topic of including the children. Focusing on the impact on them.
Review by: Lori on October 17, 2012
It helped me understand the impact a parent's TBI has not only on the patient themself, but also on their spouse and children.
Review by: Danielle on October 15, 2012
the information presented was supported by research
Review by: francie on August 30, 2012
It's an area not usually discussed/taught. I think addressing the needs of the family, rather than just the patient is very important.
Review by: Kelly on August 20, 2012
The children will definitely be impacted by TBI parent's changes. Good presentation; relevant and necessary for all aged children of TBI patients.
Review by: Nancy J. on July 27, 2012
The organized approach of presentation of information and the resources provided.
Review by: Elizabeth on July 13, 2012
Very helpful information as well as additional resources

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This is a Text course published on March 9, 2011 which you can save and print.

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Course Presenter

jennifer ostergren

Jennifer Ostergren, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Dr. Ostergren is the Graduate Advisor at CSULB. Her areas of specialization are adults with neurologic language and cognitive disorders and professional practice issues related to the supervision and training of SLPs. She focuses on maximizing treatment outcomes through the use of functional paradigms, neurologic processing principles, evidence based investigation, and assistive technology.

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