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Functional Goals and Treatment Ideas for Adult Clients

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This is a student course.

Course Abstract

This course will provide SLP's working with adults with functional goals and treatment ideas for working with older adults with a number of diagnoses. Participants will learn creative ways to effectively treat the adults on their caseloads, who are seen in their homes, assisted living and long-term care facilities, and as outpatients.
This course was recorded on November 3, 2009


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to describe the process of developing a functional goal for adult clients.
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to name two functional goals described that can be used in the treatment of older adults.
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to describe two functional activities to use to meet the goals of an adult client.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes What constitutes a functional goal?
5-15 Minutes Examples of functional goals for a variety of diagnoses
15-25 Minutes Examples of functional treatment ideas related to goals
25-40 Minutes Case Studies
40-50 Minutes Resources & Carryover
50-60 Minutes Questions & Answers

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Review by: Laura on June 14, 2013
Great overview of goals and treatment ideas for someone changing settings.
Review by: Elizabeth on June 9, 2013
Good use of very functional ideas that the therapist can take away and use tomorrow.
Review by: Pushpa on June 6, 2013
Good explanation about writing goals
Review by: Cathy on May 29, 2013
Good long term and short term goal ideas
Review by: Tina on May 19, 2013
First speaker brought more energy to her presentation.
Review by: Lauran on May 15, 2013
lots of info in a short amount of time-kind of a whirlwind
Review by: Amanda on May 9, 2013
Very functional
Review by: Jenny on May 6, 2013
the concrete examples of case studies,
Review by: Brooklyn on May 1, 2013
Very functional ideas and great information
Review by: Natalie on May 1, 2013
The functional information relayed throughout the lecture.
Review by: LESLIE on April 30, 2013
So functional and applicable, most useful course that I have taken!!
Review by: Lisa on April 24, 2013
Practical tips
Review by: Patricia on April 23, 2013
Provided practical strategies that I can utilize at home right now
Review by: William on April 20, 2013
topic; instructors style and grace;
Review by: Stephan on April 15, 2013
practical and useful info
Review by: Emily on April 2, 2013
Review by: Andrea on April 1, 2013
Functional goals and activities presented
Review by: Kathleen on March 22, 2013
This presentation was chock full of therapy goals and activities that I can use now.
Review by: Bryanna on March 19, 2013
I am able to take this info and apply it directly to my clinical setting. Thank you!
Review by: Karen on March 19, 2013
Practical therapy activity ideas!
Review by: carolyn on March 9, 2013
content was easy to understand and applicable
Review by: Karen on March 8, 2013
Concrete examples and use of materials to create meaningful goals.
Review by: Stefanie on March 7, 2013
Practical therapy ideas
Review by: Courtney on March 6, 2013
Useful and applicable information and tx strategies!
Review by: Julia on March 4, 2013
Great examples of functional goals as well as activities. Intorduced goals and activites could be easily tailroed to various settings.
Review by: LisaRose on March 3, 2013
clear and concise presentation
Review by: Karmarie on February 27, 2013
it was functional and practical
Review by: Kimberly on February 19, 2013
Easy to follow format and the information was excellent!
Review by: Katherine on February 6, 2013
Great examples. Would like more goal examples for other skills.
Review by: Elizabeth on February 3, 2013
Needed refresher on goals within the SNF setting.
Review by: Lauren on February 3, 2013
Practical/functional ideas to apply to therapy practice. Always helpful to be given new ideas to target what the resident truly needs to succeed.
Review by: Salli on February 2, 2013
Good information presented in a logical order.
Review by: Leah on January 26, 2013
I LOVE that they gave examples of therapy activities!
Review by: Arrin on January 26, 2013
VERY functional. Thanks!
Review by: Catherine on January 17, 2013
They gave a lot of functional treatment ideas with specific examples relating to multiple diagnoses.
Review by: Rebecca on January 12, 2013
It gave actual tx ideas applicable in LT care environment where I work
Review by: Sarah on January 10, 2013
Great, practical information and examples.
Review by: Jane on January 2, 2013
clear & concise
Review by: Ellie on December 31, 2012
Fabulous, practical examples! One of the most useful online courses I've taken!
Review by: Tiffany on December 27, 2012
Information useful and easy to implement
Review by: Sara on December 22, 2012
The speakers were down to earth and casual, but extremely knowledgable in their field and it showed. How refreshing!
Review by: Cassandra on December 21, 2012
The presenters used case study examples to show how to apply the concepts to everyday caseload challenges. The presenters gave many practical tips and examples.
Review by: Renee on December 15, 2012
Great application to treatment in settings! Great therapy ideas!
Review by: Laura on December 15, 2012
The organization & practical examples
Review by: Jayme on December 11, 2012
Review by: Jessica on December 11, 2012
Good content
Review by: Lauren on December 10, 2012
Very useful and functional.
Review by: Denise on December 9, 2012
Very well written, functional goals for a variety of deficits. Especially appreciated the "why" included in every goal.
Review by: Lelis on December 9, 2012
The presenters shared ideas I have also been implementing with my pts who have ALZ so it was great to see that memory books are continue to be utilized in memory care. Both presenters also shared other new ideas such as the cooking activities for pts with Dementia. I am excited to begin utilizing those ideas.
Review by: Lindsay on December 8, 2012
The course gave good examples of functional goals in several areas. That is very helpful!
Review by: Marianne on December 6, 2012
extremely functional for use in everyday therapy.
Review by: Lisa on December 4, 2012
Functional goals to use in different settings.
Review by: Jayne on December 3, 2012
clear concise presentation...good functional goals and therapy strategies/techniques
Review by: Marshall on November 19, 2012
Clearly explained with good working examples
Review by: Aleksandra on November 11, 2012
treatment ideas
Review by: Kim on November 11, 2012
very helpful- linked specific cases to goals and to appropriate tx activities
Review by: Amanda on November 9, 2012
great ideas. i'm inspired to do the scavenger hunt and art appreciation
Review by: Kristen on November 8, 2012
Functionality! Examples of goals and treatment. Common disorders with examples of goals and treatment.
Review by: Alice on November 6, 2012
They gave good suggestions of resources and materials that you can use.
Review by: Sandra on November 4, 2012
It provided a lot of applicable information. I also liked the case studies.
Review by: Shannon on November 3, 2012
Very functional
Review by: Lorna on October 31, 2012
Good ideas that help you think 'outside the box'!
Review by: Talia on October 16, 2012
the information presented
Review by: Suzanne on October 16, 2012
Great examples and resources. Case studies made it even more relevant.
Review by: Rachel on October 12, 2012
Good ideas and information presented throughout the course.
Review by: Nicole on October 10, 2012
I enjoy the functional treatment ideas discussed during this presentation.
Review by: Haley on October 8, 2012
The information provided was wonderful! Speakers provided excellent examples of simple treatment ideas that are functional and easily attainable. Very useful information for working with patients with Dementia, which is often the most difficult part for me as far as writing goals and treatment ideas
Review by: Peggy on October 5, 2012
The examples of long and short term goals were very helpful
Review by: Sarah on September 27, 2012
good pace and well described ideas
Review by: Anne on September 25, 2012
Very well organized and easy to follow. Case studies with specific goals were very helpful.
Review by: Melissa on September 24, 2012
Great examples for each of the areas of treatment and written goals!
Review by: Olivia on September 13, 2012
Very good ideas for an SLP who has been treating kids for 9 years and is stepping into the adult treatment realm :)
Review by: Natalie on September 11, 2012
Lots of useful suggestions and ideas.
Review by: Gail on September 9, 2012
gave a wide array of examples, gave concrete examples - addressed several different populations, very practical
Review by: Kelly on August 31, 2012
Very descriptive/detailed examples of functional goals & creative treatment activities to get us outside of the therapy "box".
Review by: Julie on August 28, 2012
It was functional. Real life situations and ideas.
Review by: Heather on August 23, 2012
Awesome treatment ideas! Thanks!!
Review by: Amy on August 15, 2012
good ideas for therapyhelp with goal setting
Review by: Lindsay on August 13, 2012
Examples given
Review by: Shannon on August 1, 2012
functional ideas and examples
Review by: Marie on July 30, 2012
Good examples of goals & treatment techniques
Review by: Kiffney on July 27, 2012
Especially helpful were the examples of Functional long term and short term goals
Review by: Tracy on July 25, 2012
The examples of goala
Review by: Caroline on July 24, 2012
The presenters were very professional, positive and took us beyond the information on the slides into the experience of working with this population. Wonderful tips, ideas and references. This presentation will be printed out and put in my working folder!!
Review by: Carly on July 23, 2012
Course provided excellent ideas and examples of goals with the populations presented.
Review by: Tina on July 8, 2012
Content; experience
Review by: Theresa on July 3, 2012
Examples of functional goals and treatments to be used with adults in various settings.
Review by: Jennifer on June 30, 2012
It had functional ideas and examples.
Review by: Rivka on June 30, 2012
clear and applicable to my current position
Review by: Courtney on June 24, 2012
Very functional materials
Review by: Melissa on June 23, 2012
Practical information with functional treatment ideas...what could be better?
Review by: april on June 23, 2012
very practical and creative examples
Review by: LeDeithra on June 21, 2012
Their tag team approach is fantastic.
Review by: Melissa on June 16, 2012
very immediately useful information. very clear and organized.
Review by: Christy on June 14, 2012
Personable speakers. Great functional information. New and creative tx ideas. One of the best and most applicable courses in which I have ever participated!!! So excited to find some new creative and functional ideas for the long term care patients!
Review by: Kelly on June 13, 2012
This course helps therapists acheive what can often seems most difficult: taking what you know a client needs to finding and building the scaffolds to help them get there. Excellent course! More of these, please.
Review by: Wendy on June 9, 2012
Great functional ideas for easy and immediate application in my daily treatment caseload!
Review by: yasodhara on May 29, 2012
liked the case studies.
Review by: Kathy on May 23, 2012
Such creative ideas given!
Review by: Debra on May 18, 2012
I will be new to working in a SCF and this course gave me GREAT insight to what exactly I will be doing with my clients.

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Course Presenters

megan l malone

Megan L. Malone, M.A., CCC-SLP

Megan Malone is a speech-language pathologist working for Gentiva Health Services. She previously worked for 9 years as a senior research associate and lead trainer at Myers Research Institute, in Cleveland, OH where she oversaw federally/privately funded grants focused on implementing interventions with older adults with dementia. She has spoken numerous times at the annual conventions of the American Speech and Hearing Association, Gerontological Society of America, American Society on Aging, and the Alzheimer's Association, along with several state speech and hearing conventions. She has published articles in the Journal of Communication Disorders, Alzheimer's Care Quarterly, The Gerontologist, and Dementia.

jennifer loehr

Jennifer Loehr, M.A., CCC-SLP

Jenny Loehr is a speech-language pathologist employed by Gentiva Health Services. Her focus of practice in the past fifteen years has been adult/geriatric neurology with an emphasis on dementia programming. She currently oversees and implements the rehabilitation program at Arden Courts of Austin, an Alzheimer's assisted living facility. Ms. Loehr has presented numerous times at the annual convention of the American Speech and Hearing Association.

Disclosure: Instructor Disclosure: Not available. The content for this program was developed and published prior to the ASHA Continuing Education Board requiring instructional personnel to provide financial and nonfinancial disclosure statements.

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