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Bionic Ears for Kids: AB Technology and Resources for Children

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Course Abstract

This course is intended to provide participants with information on how to support children with cochlear implants in everyday life including the child's home and educational environment. Information on the recent advancements in technology and how these relate to the improvement of outcomes in children with cochlear implants will also be discussed.
This course was recorded on December 16, 2009


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to list the benefits of the Harmony HiResolution Bionic Ear System for children
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to describe the latest research findings on bilateral cochlear implants
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to list the resources available through Advanced Bionics for supporting children in the classroom and at home
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to explain outcomes and benefits seen with children who are implanted with a cochlear implant

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes Welcome and opening remarks
5-15 Minutes Introduction and Overview
15-45 Minutes Instruction on CI technology and resources for children
45-60 Minutes Summary, closing remarks and questions

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Review by: Shannon on June 13, 2013
information pertinent to this population
Review by: Janet on May 9, 2013
I understand that a company rep is going to offer a "commercial advertisement", but it would be nice if it was more informative. The saving grace was providing many places I can go to get the info I need.
Review by: Elizabeth on December 26, 2012
A few technical difficulties, but overall good information.
Review by: Elyse on December 16, 2012
clear and organized
Review by: Leah on December 9, 2012
clearly presented practical information
Review by: Intissar on November 25, 2012
Presenter was very organized and accomplished.
Review by: Jeannine on November 19, 2012
This course provided a good overview of the latest technology offered in cochlear implants and good links to resources.
Review by: Nancy on August 28, 2012
easy to follow, presenter addresses questions from the audience
Review by: Pamela on July 25, 2012
The presenter explained the technology in simple, easy to understand terms. She provided great resources for familys, schools & SLPs.
Review by: Rhonda on July 10, 2012
Details of the upgrades now available on a cochlear implant
Review by: Misako on June 14, 2012
The presenter provided the information in details.
Review by: Kristy on June 1, 2012
information was presented clearly and with wonderful resources!
Review by: Marie on May 1, 2012
Good explanations of technical aspects of CI.
Review by: Robert on April 23, 2012
Very useful information in speech therapy as well as audiology
Review by: Sangeetha on January 30, 2012
very informative
Review by: Sherry on December 19, 2011
Good info on CIs.
Review by: Leane on November 28, 2011
It provided good product information and resources.
Review by: Gail on November 5, 2011
It was an excellent overvview of the current AB technology
Review by: Denise on September 26, 2011
I felt this course was more of an advertisement for the Advanced Bionics company
Review by: Lori on September 15, 2011
technology updates

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Course Presenter

carissa moeggenberg

Carissa Moeggenberg, M.A., CCC-A

Carissa Moeggenberg completed both a Bachelor's of Science (1991) and a Master's of Audiology (1992) from Central Michigan University. Upon completing these degrees she joined the University of Michigan's Cochlear Implant team where she served as a pediatric audiologist for over 10 years. Following her passion for cochlear implants and rehabilitation of children and adults with a severe to profound hearing loss she joined Advanced Bionics in 2002. Presently she is the Manager of Rehab Programs and in that role develops the aural rehabilitative education programs and resources provided by Advanced Bionics. She is also working on her Doctorate of Audiology degree through Central Michigan University's Distance Learning Program. Carissa has co-authored several publications on cochlear implantation and has presented nationally on cochlear implantation and aural rehabilitation. She lives in Michigan with her husband and 2 children.

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