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The 3 R's of Ethical Decision Making: Recognizing, Reporting, and Resolving

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Course Abstract

The advent of expanded scopes of practice in audiology and speech-language pathology has brought more visibility and autonomy to the professions, but it has also created an environment in which more complex, challenging decision-making is required of professionals. As a result, there is a need for practitioners to obtain practical experience in recognizing, reporting and resolving ethical dilemmas from both a professional and a regulatory board perspective. Featuring excerpts from hit songs, ethical situations/scenarios are analyzed by the participants to recognize potential violations and develop methodologies for resolution.
This course was recorded on February 16, 2010


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to describe situations that constitute potential ethical violations as they relate to preferred practice patterns of the profession, the AAA and ASHA Code of Ethics, and state licensing statutes.
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to discuss and implement a protocol for ethical decision-making.
  • Upon completing this course learners will be able to delineate the key elements for resolution of ethical dilemmas and reporting of potential ethical violations.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-5 Minutes Introduction
5-10 Minutes Background on development of standards of care and Codes of Ethics
10-20 Minutes Delineation of Ethics Protocol
20-30 Minutes Overview of Federal Reporting Requirements and data relative to SLPs and audiologists
30-40 Minutes Review and discussion of sample complaints
40-115 Minutes Analysis and decision-making relative to SLP and audiology ethical scenarios
115-120 Minutes Summary/questions and answers

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Review by: Haley on February 21, 2013
Very informative
Review by: Michele on February 15, 2013
topic was well presented in a clear cut manner. that is was an on line course was a big draw.
Review by: Hollie on February 3, 2013
Love the examples.
Review by: Kathy on January 27, 2013
Relevant, topical information.
Review by: Elizabeth on January 25, 2013
Varied examples made the course practical.
Review by: Constance on January 22, 2013
Real life scenarios made it interesting and allowed for learning through application of information.
Review by: Molly on January 7, 2013
Good examples
Review by: Jacqueline on January 7, 2013
Great examples. They were very engaging speakers
Review by: Tallulah on January 2, 2013
The course was thorough and had excellent real world examples. I have taken multiple ethics courses online at speechpathology.com and this one has been the most helpful of all that I have taken.
Review by: Kim on January 1, 2013
Great pace...kept it interesting...the time flew by...
Review by: Kari on December 30, 2012
I liked the examples
Review by: Paula on December 28, 2012
Case scenarios and two presenters.
Review by: Racheal on December 16, 2012
The speakers were interesting to listen to and were able to explain information and answer questions clearly.
Review by: Erica on December 10, 2012
The presenters knowledge of information and portrayal of the information.
Review by: Tracy on December 10, 2012
It was so nice to be able to obtain CEU's online at my own convenience. It is very helpful for me who has a young child at home.
Review by: Brandy on November 28, 2012
they way the information was organized and presented.
Review by: mary kay on November 27, 2012
timel and to the point
Review by: Kristen on November 18, 2012
Great real life examples
Review by: Crystal on November 17, 2012
The presenters were organized and the course was interactive.
Review by: Sara on November 12, 2012
examples were very "real world"
Review by: Krystle on November 7, 2012
It was very well organized and the presenters tried to make it as "up-beat" as possible!
Review by: Valerie on November 4, 2012
The slides as well as the presentatiaon of different scenarios regarding specific cases in both speech and audiology that were a breech of ethic violations.
Review by: Laurie on October 27, 2012
I loved the examples of cases regarding ethics violations and what could happen in each of those situations. In graduate school, not enough academia or attention was placed on ethics. I know myself and other fellow graduates were confused and uneducated. Thankfully, my previous corporate experience helped me and I transferred my knowledge to the medical field. Excellent Course!!
Review by: Cynthia on October 21, 2012
The speakers were knowledgeable about the area of ethics.
Review by: Debra on October 11, 2012
Presentation of different scenarios for discussion
Review by: Amy on October 10, 2012
The content was presented very well.
Review by: Cynthia on September 24, 2012
Good use of relevant, real-life examples.
Review by: Kelley on September 20, 2012
I loved the case scenarios which allowed you to apply what you had learned during the course.
Review by: Jane on September 18, 2012
Never receive this kind of training in grad school, CFY, or at facilities we work in........
Review by: Jill on September 17, 2012
The fact that we were able to hear actual cases and were given time to evaluate them for ourselves prior to hearing the professionals answers.
Review by: Traci on September 10, 2012
Interesting topics and scenarios.
Review by: Rebecca on September 8, 2012
real, applicable scenarious
Review by: Jennifer on September 5, 2012
Material presented in a clear organized manner.
Review by: Katherine on September 2, 2012
Concrete examples of ethical dilemmas
Review by: Tracy on August 31, 2012
Great scenarios examples
Review by: Elizabeth on August 31, 2012
The various individual case scenarios to assist the clinician in decision making.
Review by: Laurel on August 29, 2012
Good information and good scenarios related to ethics.
Review by: Rhonda on August 29, 2012
Material was presented in an easy format with rules and regulations clearly explained.
Review by: Melissa on August 24, 2012
Good ethics driven course
Review by: Maria Carmen on August 13, 2012
It was informative and interesting at the same time.
Review by: Barbara on July 31, 2012
The review of the key elements for resolution of ethical dilemmas
Review by: Tessa on July 26, 2012
The presenters used several examples of what is and is not ethical violations and not just specific facts about our code of ethics. The examples aid in understanding and application in the work setting.
Review by: Tracy on July 25, 2012
The real life examples
Review by: Kristin on July 17, 2012
It provided real situations that as a Speech-Language Pathologist I might encounter.
Review by: Natalie on July 11, 2012
The presenters provided a discussion friendly environment that allowed the input of the class.
Review by: Elisabeth on July 10, 2012
the knowledge and experience of the speakers
Review by: Kara on July 9, 2012
Was not boring. Great examples.
Review by: Rosa on July 3, 2012
solid information
Review by: Brenda on June 29, 2012
It gave practical insight into ethical situations that those in our profession might have to deal with.
Review by: michelle on June 27, 2012
plenty of practical examples
Review by: Erin on June 27, 2012
very organized, good case studies
Review by: Rosalind on June 25, 2012
The scenarios helped me get a clear understanding of the ethical laws.
Review by: Heather on June 23, 2012
Well organized. However, unable to hear the music clips.
Review by: Marilyn on June 20, 2012
good information regarding years experience and keeps Ethical as part of each days decision making
Review by: Melissa on June 18, 2012
very helpful with direct examples
Review by: Jane on June 14, 2012
Ease of course since it was online, and relevant information.
Review by: Jill on June 5, 2012
The use of scenarios to demonstrate ethical situations and the rationale provided re: why something was or was not a violation were very helpful
Review by: Lori on May 28, 2012
Really good information and very well presented
Review by: Becky on May 4, 2012
presentation was good
Review by: Rosita on April 28, 2012
The different senarios allowed me to apply the information being taught about ethics.
Review by: Wanda on April 25, 2012
important information
Review by: Andrea on April 24, 2012
case studies
Review by: Shannon on April 15, 2012
music added was an interesting way to make material interesting, however, in recorded course the music could not be heard.
Review by: Becky on April 10, 2012
Great information, great presentation slides
Review by: Barbara on March 27, 2012
The ethical scenarios made the course relevant and interesting.
Review by: Kristin on March 23, 2012
Review by: Tori on March 10, 2012
Good information!
Review by: Jessica on February 29, 2012
good examples, easy to understand
Review by: Laura on February 28, 2012
Good information
Review by: cheryl on February 26, 2012
It gave real world situations, discussed the actual violations and penalties. This was one of the best courses I've heard.
Review by: Julie on February 23, 2012
Good examples
Review by: Tricia on February 9, 2012
The presenters incorporated a variety of scenarios and offered possible alternatives in handling some of the situations.
Review by: Emily on February 6, 2012
good information.
Review by: Arushi on January 30, 2012
Gave real life examples to understand different scenarios.
Review by: Lisa on January 29, 2012
Easy to follow.
Review by: Robin on January 22, 2012
I really enjoyed the situational narratives
Review by: Cindy on January 15, 2012
I enjoyed the actual cases
Review by: Allison on January 8, 2012
Great content with great examples!
Review by: Felicia on January 7, 2012
A goog multimedia presentation and interesting scenarios.
Review by: Sarah on January 6, 2012
Good organization and presentation in a positive environment
Review by: Allison on December 31, 2011
great ethical examples
Review by: Frances on December 28, 2011
I really liked the use and discussion of scenarios
Review by: Charissa on December 28, 2011
Good examples of situations pertinent to profession, overall explanation.
Review by: Lisa on December 28, 2011
Good information
Review by: Crystal on December 27, 2011
Good case study examples
Review by: Elaine on December 24, 2011
The speakers were no nonsense, and presented clearly what SLPs need to know.
Review by: Diana on December 23, 2011
excellent examples of dilemma's given and followed by good discussions
Review by: Joyce on December 18, 2011
two instructors worked well together. nicely organized.
Review by: Debbie on December 16, 2011
It was not boring and very informative thanks for being creative as well.
Review by: Stephanie on December 11, 2011
experience and knowledge of presentors
Review by: Ashleigh on December 3, 2011
The application and case examples
Review by: Kristy on November 30, 2011
I work in a nursing home, and it is an excellent information tool to share with my therapy staff.
Review by: Shannon on November 27, 2011
The presenters gave clear case scenarios that illustrated ethics violations and their consequences.
Review by: Veronica on November 23, 2011
examples used
Review by: Jay on November 19, 2011
Multiple specific examples with analysis
Review by: charlotte on November 18, 2011
T were organized, used case studies, presented pictures/music, and took questions. The only thing that would help is if the music could be added to the main document so it could be better heard.
Review by: Stephanie on November 5, 2011
relevant info
Review by: Sandra on November 2, 2011
good info
Review by: Tana on October 30, 2011
Information pertinent to ethical practices for Speech Language Pathologists.
Review by: Sue on October 29, 2011
The speakers presented excellent ethical scenarios and encouraged participant interaction (w/ the live presentation...). Ms. Rodgers & Mr. Waguespack also gave very clear explanations of the nature of the violations & appropriate sanctions. I especially appreciated that the speakers conversed with the audience vs. merely lecturing or reading their slides!

Course Information

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Course Presenters

glenn m waguespack

Glenn M. Waguespack, MS, CCC-A

Glenn M. Waguespack is a private practice audiologist and is also on the clinical faculty of the LSU Medical School.  He has served six terms on the Louisiana licensure board including six years as Chair, and is a former state association president.  He is a board member, the current Editor and a former president of the National Council of State Boards of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (NCSB).  Glenn is an ASHA Fellow, former Chair of ASHA’s Council on Academic Accreditation, and former Chair of ASHA’s Continuing Education Board.  He has presented numerous workshops and shortcourses in the area of ethics on the national and state levels. 

theresa rodgers

Theresa Rodgers, M.A., CCC-SLP

Theresa Rodgers, a speech-language pathologist and supervisor of special education, is currently the Vice-Chair of the Louisiana licensure board and is a board member and former President of the National Council of State Boards of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (NCSB). She is an ASHA Fellow and a member of ASHA's Continuing Education Board as well as the Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Council. Theresa is a former Chair of ASHA's Council for Clinical Certification, is a former LSHA President, and former President of the Council of State Association Presidents (CSAP). She has presented numerous workshops and shortcourses on the national and state levels in the area of ethics.

Disclosure: Instructor Disclosure: Not available. The content for this program was developed and published prior to the ASHA Continuing Education Board requiring instructional personnel to provide financial and nonfinancial disclosure statements.

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