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Banner Health: John J. Rhodes Rehabilitation Center helps recovery

The John J. Rhodes Rehabilitation Center is an inpatient rehabilitation program at Banner Baywood Medical Center. Our experts assist patients in adapting to disabilities in order to enhance their qual...   Read More

Banner Health: You want to restore quality of life.

If you’re looking to make a difference in people’s lives while advancing your career, you belong at Banner Health.   Read More

Banner Health: East Morgan County Hospital

East Morgan County Hospital (EMCH) is committed to making a difference in people’s lives through excellent rehabilitative care.   Read More

Banner Wheelchair Suns, Banner Good Samaritan Rehab Institute team up on and off the court

PHOENIX (January 30, 2014) – For more than 20 years, Banner Health and the Phoenix Suns have been proud sponsors of the Banner Wheelchair Suns, an extraordinarily successful team in the National...   Read More

New Grad Guide

We are getting great feedback about this little guidebook we put together for job seekers. It contains a time-line for job search planning, resume writing tips, interviewing tips, a sample resume, som...   Read More

Continuing Education: Good for You and Good for Your Career

While some may lament the continuous need to acquire CEUs and the cost associated with that, most SLPs acknowledge the fundamental value of continuing professional education because of its obvious val...   Read More

Signing Bonuses

In the tough economic times we’re currently experiencing, signing bonuses are less frequently offered due to tight budgets, but it’s important to know why they’re offered and when you can realis...   Read More

Opening a Private Practice

Anyone starting a business should begin the process by completing a business plan. This is important as it will help identify what the opportunities and challenges will be so that you can plan your bu...   Read More

Mistakes in Managing Employee Recognition Programs

Here are some mistakes that managers sometimes make which can cause otherwise promising employees to look for greener pastures.   Read More

Knowing Your Worth and Getting Your Worth

Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether your total compensation is appropriate for your skills, education, and job performance.   Read More

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

Is there something wrong with your resume? It may be time to rethink, even rewrite, your resume. Giving it a fresh look may help you get results.   Read More

Tips for Finding a Job

If you find yourself discouraged about a lack of job opportunities or a lack of positive response...   Read More

Finding the Right Company

When searching for employment, determine what kind of workplace culture would suit you best.   Read More

Job Dissatisfaction

If you’ve been catching yourself perusing the job boards lately, it’s essential for you to identify which aspects of your current job are unacceptable.   Read More

Leaving a Job Gracefully

When leaving a job, whether it’s by your choice or by your employer’s choice, it is very important to keep your emotions in check.   Read More

Managers: Make Your Meetings a Success Every Time

What can be done to make meetings worthwhile?   Read More

The Benefits Package: What’s it Worth?

Knowing this value may help you decide whether to accept a job, negotiate for a higher salary, or stay where you currently work.   Read More

Get Recognized for Your Clinical Excellence

From a business standpoint, clinical specialty recognition can be useful in building your reputation, marketing your services, and increasing the number of referrals and self-referrals to your practic...   Read More

Offers of Employment: Things to Consider

When considering an offer of employment, it’s important to ensure the compensation and job description are satisfactory.   Read More