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Help Recorded Expert Seminar Series

What is a Recorded Course?

Recorded courses are slide show presentations with voice over that are streamed from our web site and viewed on your computer. Often, these presentations include multimedia, as well. You can play, pause, rewind and review these courses as needed. Some recorded courses are recorded versions of Live e-Seminars held on the web site, others are presentations produced specifically for this format. As the courses are self-paced, you can watch a recording during one session or over several sessions.

Can I earn CEUs/Hours for a Recorded Course?

YES! The vast majority of Recorded Courses are offered for CEUs/Hours, but you must verify which courses are offered for credit and by which association (ASHA/CASLPA). Please note that once a Recorded Course is selected, you have 30 days past the selection date to take the CE Test and earn CEUs/Hours.

How do I register for a Recorded Course?

Visit the SpeechPathology.com home page; click on the "Browse CEU Courses!" button and login to your CEU Total Access account. Search the course library by “Type” (recorded). To select a course, click on the 'Register Now' button and select the 'Start Course' button.  

What do I need to view a Recorded Course?

  • Windows or Mac based computer
  • Broadband internet connection (DSL, Cable)
  • A web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
  • Flash Player 8 or higher
  • Windows Media Player - to download the free Windows Media Player for your PC or Mac, please click here:
  • Speakers and/or headphones connected to your computer to listen to the presentation.
  • If you are using a MAC, please click here for tips to access our recorded courses effectively.

How do I start a Recorded Course?

Please make sure you have all needed software/hardware installed on your computer as listed above.

  • Go to the SpeechPathology.com main page.
  • CLogin to your SpeechPathology.com CEU Total Access account.
  • Search recorded course listings
  • Click on the button marked "Register.”
  • Select the 'Start Course Now' button once you completed the registration process
  • The recorded course will open in a new window. Please disable all pop-up blockers to insure the course opens successfully.

During the Recorded Course how do I download copies of the handouts?

If handouts are available, they can be downloaded during the recorded course from the “File Share” pod. To download a handout, click on the title of the handout and then click the “Save to my Computer” icon.

A new browser window will open with a “Click to download link.”  Click the link and save the file to your computer.  NOTE: Pop-up blockers may prohibit the browser window from opening; disable your pop-up blocker if you cannot download the file.

Example of Recorded Course Handouts

It is at the discretion of the Presenter if there will be any handouts for a given course, therefore, not all recorded courses will have handouts that can be downloaded and printed out. Download files are typically in PDF format. Click here to download and install Adobe Reader (free).

During a Recorded Course how do I Pause/Rewind?

There is a player bar in the lower left corner of the screen to pause/play the recorded course. To move forward or backward within the recording, simply click and drag the time indicator within the player bar. A sample screen shot is shown below highlighting the location of the player bar.

Example of Recorded Course Playback Features


Troubleshooting / What should I do if I cannot access a Recorded Course?

Here are the most common steps you can take if you are having trouble accessing a recorded course:

Step 1: Make note of any error message that you have seen. This will be important if you need to call us for technical support.

Step 2: Make sure that you have installed both the Adobe Acrobat Connect Add-in and Flash Player. To perform a diagnostic test of your computer which will install any missing applications. The link includes a series of 4 tests; upon completion of each test, a black checkmark will appear to the left of the number with success. If you are prompted to install the Adobe Acrobat Connect add-in or Flash player, please do so. Upon successful completion, log back into the recorded course via your SpeechPathology.com user account. If you are unable to complete the diagnostic series of tests, please contact Technical Support for assistance at 800-242-5183 (select option 3)

Step 3: Make sure you have installed Windows Media Player on your local machine. To download the free Windows Media Player for your PC or Mac, please click here.

Step 4: Disable all pop-up blockers. Because a recorded course opens in a new window, a pop-up blocker may prohibit the course from opening correctly.

Step 5: Clean Out Temporary Internet Files. The recorded courses are typically a large file size. The course begins to play as it temporarily downloads to your machine and continues to stream throughout the duration of the course. Since information regarding the recorded course downloads temporarily to your Temporary Internet Files, cleaning out your temporary internet files is recommended. This section of your computer typically has a size limit; if you have reached the allowed size limit, the recorded course may stop abruptly.

Internet Explorer: Please open Internet Explorer and click on Tools → Internet Options. Click on the section on the first page of the menu titled "Browsing History" and select "Delete.” Next, locate and click the Delete button for the section labeled "Temporary Internet Files.” Allow the system to clean out the temporary files and Click OK when complete.

To upgrade the disk space of temporary files, open Internet Explorer and click on Tools → Internet Options. Click on the section of the first page of the menu titled "Browsing History" and select "Settings.” (Some versions of IE show a section called Temporary Internet Files; you can select "Settings" here, as well). You can increase the capacity of your temporary folder; we recommended that you allow 300 MB of space.

Mozilla Firefox: Please open Mozilla Firefox and click on Tools → Options → Advanced → Network; cache is a section on the Network tab. You can increase the capacity of your temporary cache; we recommended that you allow 300 MB of space.

How do I earn CEUs/Hours for participating in a Recorded Course?

You will be required to obtain a passing score of 80% on a brief multiple-choice examination. You will be given immediate feedback regarding the results of your exam and the opportunity to repeat the exam one additional time, if necessary.

You can access your test by visiting the SpeechPathology.com home page.  Log into your SpeechPathology.com CEU Total Access user account. Mouse over the 'Continuing Education' menu option and select 'Pending Courses'.   Click on the Take Test button next to the course you wish to complete.

It is important to note that once you have selected a Recorded Course you have 30 days to take the CE Test to earn CEUs/Hours. You can view the course materials for up to a full year after selection.

Once the course is completed you will be sent an email confirmation. Additional CE processing information can be found on our CE Processing Help page.