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Why use is the leading resource for jobs in the Speech-Language Pathology profession.  Each month an average of 120,000 SLPs visit our website to view the latest career opportunities.  We are the #1 organic search engine result (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing) for job seeking search terms:  Speech jobs, speech pathology jobs, speech pathologist jobs, etc.  When active job seekers find our site first, they find your jobs posted with us first!  We make searching for your next speech-language pathologist simple and with a variety of different posting options.

What's Included?

  • Job stays active on our site for 30- or 60-day increments.
  • Access to our resume databank in the state(s) for which you have active jobs posted..
  • Google mapping of your job location will be included on your job listing.


Single Job Postings

$149 - 30 day posting
$298 - 60 day posting 

We also offer unlimited job posting packages with additional advertising benefits. These packages are ideal for companies, with multiple recruiters, and over 16 locations per month for which to recruit. Contact Wendy Bradbury, Career Center Director for more information: 800-242-5183 ext 234


Added Features:

Featured Job Upgrade
$50 per job posting for 30-days
Company Logo Upgrade
$25 per job posting for 30-days
Social Media Upgrade
$25 per job posting for 30-days
Job Highlight Upgrade
$15 per job for 30 days
Highlight your most critical or important positions in our most prominent job posting placement available. Each state will display a maximum of ten (10) featured jobs at the beginning of all search results with direct access to the application process.Add more professional appeal to each job posting. Personalize all your job postings today with a company logo.Post your job on our Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin profile pagesAdd a highlight to your job on the main search page to make it stand out with a blue background.

Additional Info

All costs are net. We do not pay agency commissions. 

What are the accepted methods of payment?

  • We accept most major credit cards (American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover)
  • We will also accept purchase order requests for (net 15 day) invoicing.
  • Our payment terms are net 15 days. A 5% administration fee will be added for the invoice convenience.

Will you post the listing for me?

We are more than happy to post your job listing for you. Simply fax or email your job listing information to 484-971-5060 or email it to and it will be processed the same day.

How successful can I expect my posting to be?

We will track specific statistics on your job listing that you can reference any time your job is posted by clicking View Your Account (Views, Resumes received, Email-A-Friends, Job alerts sent).


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