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ProvidaStaff, LLC

Providing for healthcare providers

Providastaff is an independent healthcare service provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We were founded in 2007 with a vision to increase the quality of life to individuals in need of healthcare services. With experiences in education, healthcare, and human resources, Providastaff is paving the way for helping those that are in need. We were founded on the belief to provide for healthcare providers, both independent and institutional providers, with the resources, support, and guidance necessary to make a difference.

The Providastaff family has the experience and knowledge to support your needs. We provide comprehensive services in education and medical settings nationwide. Our ability to provide opportunities through identifying and matching our staff of professionals to facilities in need is without comparison. We take pride in the services that we offer and are confident in our ability to deliver them to you! We do this with one thought in mind – to provide for you, so that you can provide for others!

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ProvidaStaff, LLC
Phone: 866-757-8233
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