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Community Rehab

Community Rehab

Providing Home, Community, and School-Based Therapy Services throughout the U.S.

Community Rehab Associates, Inc. offers coordinated services to infants and toddlers, school aged children and adults who have developmental delays and disabilities.

Established in 2000 with headquarters in the Tampa Bay area, Community Rehab Associates, Inc. has grown to become an industry leader in providing speech, occupational, and physical therapy services.

We provide pediatric therapy to infants through young adults twenty-one years of age, as well as developmentally disabled adults. Some services offered through Community Rehab Associates, inc. are at no cost to the family.

Home & Community Based Therapy

Services are provided in a natural environment such as the home or child care setting, in harmony with the clients daily routine. This not only offers the client a comfortable atmosphere that is suitable for effective therapy, but this also provides caregivers the freedom from travel for needed therapy services.

School-Based Therapy

Many private and public schools have experienced shortages for qualified, licensed therapists. Community Rehab Associates, Inc. has readily available employees to fill the demands for speech, occupational, and physical therapy services needed for schools and districts located in the southeast. By recruiting and retaining qualified professionals in these fields, we're able to provide schools with a cost effective solution to meet their critical needs.

Schools and districts that partner with Community Rehab Associates, Inc. are linked to a strong network of expert clinicians and professionals in the fields of speech language pathology, occupational, and physical therapy. We create collaborative alliances and valuable resources to offer our guidance, knowledge, and experience to the schools staff.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive therapy services in an integrated environment, promoting skills that allow clients to succeed in everyday situations.

Our therapists are experienced and trained to identify, evaluate, and administer therapy for a wide range of developmental delays and disorders. All of our therapists are licensed, certified, and have also cleared a required level II background screening and reference verification procedure.

Community Rehab Associates, Inc. provides ongoing support for each employee, as our therapists are continuously updated on the latest research and therapy treatments. Ongoing supervision is also enforced, as therapy services are regularly monitored and evaluated. We do everything we can to ensure our clients are receiving the best care we can offer.


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